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+2    The annual report app for Nextfifteen adds a new and exciting dimension to corporate communications. It enables user’s to interact with the strategic and financial information featured in the report, utilizing functionality such as video interviews, image gallery and a ...    5 MB    Views 6879
+30    Conoce el Informe de Sostenibilidad de FEMSA 2011. Participamos en las industrias de bebidas, comercio al detalle y cerveza. Aprende todo acerca de nuestra plataforma de sostenibilidad y nuestras Acciones con Valor. Nuestro esquema de sostenibilidad está formado por 5 ejes: Ética y ...    505 MB    Views 9835
+1    This is our first sustainability report. Legally, this report is compiled to fulfill the provisions of article 66 paragraph (2) c of Law No.40/2007 on Limited Liability Companies, which requires an annual report containing reports on the implementation of social ...    25 MB    Views 6765
2012 report annual
0    Qualitas Annual Report 2012 Quálitas Compañía de Seguros, S.A.B. de C.V. is an insurance company specialized in the automobile sector which offers quality service with low costs.    32 MB    Views 2984

SR 2011

social 2011 sustainability report
+10    Cementos Lima S.A.A publishes its 2011 Sustainability Report in a version exclusively designed for iPad devices. The Sustainability Report describes the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies and programs towards its stakeholders, emphasizing economic, social and environmental responsibility.    27 MB    Views 1709

Total Percentages

+4    Featured in the UK & US Top 100 Business Apps March & April 2011 and New and Noteworthy Apps March 2011 Scroll through 6 different percentage calculations in one app including the following calculations: 1) Finding a number as a percentage ...    876 kb    Views 496

Bayer Annual Report

high report annual section
+1    Bayer’s Annual Report offers readers detailed information on the Group’s current business performance. It provides facts and figures in the financial reporting section, and an image section in the form of a magazine. Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies ...    10 MB    Views 2285
2011 anual
+9    Memoria Anual Puerto Bahía de Algeciras 2011". Este documento constituye un compendio de las actividades, proyectos e información económica y estadística correspondiente al año al cual se refiere, incluyendo asimismo planos de situación, servicios e instalaciones disponibles, todo ello ilustrado ...    9 MB    Views 7037

Vale 20F 2011

reading vale annual report page find form 2011 information
+16    Reading Vale's annual report anytime, anywhere just got easier The app is free to download and includes Vale's latest annual report. The Form 20F is Vale's annual report of 2011 pursuant to the United States Securities Exchange Commission's requirements. The Form 20F ...    2 MB    Views 1145


-8    A very helpful and friendly service that will help you easily track your expenses and income. Be ready and organized next time, to report all those expenses for a tax writeoff Use this easy app to send an image of ...    10 MB    Views 1141
2011 annual report
+30    Brunel's 2011 annual report is now available as an app for your iPad. The app contains the full information about Brunel's performance and results in 2011. It also features a short video with CEO Jan Arie van Barneveld as well ...    85 MB    Views 6605

CEMIG - 2014 Report

report 2014
+10    The app comprises the publishing of the annual and sustainability report of CEMIG for the year 2014. CEMIG is one the largest energy utilities in Brazil and is listed on NYSE as tickers CIG and CIG.C.    47 MB    Views 5384
-8    You can report your company financial status report on ipad, you can follow daily change instant.    3 MB    Views 1049
+28    with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? 2011.9.1版新税率,算一算你多缴还是少缴个税 Select city and compute insurance automatically Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 4800 RMB Support new 7 ...    1014 kb    Views 8918


works annual 2011 report
+13    GE's 2011 annual report, titled 'GE Works', is available for iPad download. GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. ...    378 MB    Views 9093
2012 record annual report year
0    VF's 2012 annual report, titled "Made to Last: Powerful Brands That Never Stand Still," is available for iPad download. 2012 was another year of records for VF—record revenues, record margins, record earnings and record cash flow from operations. It was ...    4 MB    Views 9540

ARP 2012

annual report reports companies
+6    The Annual Report Promotion app provides annual reports of leading companies from around the world. Features: Company presentation Read annual reports in one click, no download required Share an annual report easily via email Order hard copy or CD of an ...    21 MB    Views 1873


-4    iPhone version of ERP system is used for retail and individual. In basic data could be established customer and supplier data. Include customer’s birthday management which can build good relationship with customers. In addition, stock is updated immediately once quality and ...    6 MB    Views 8592
publications report 2013
0    The Bühler Publications App gives you a convenient mobile access to Bühler publications, e. g. the Bühler Annual Report 2013, the Book of Innovation, the Sustainability Report as well as the Financial Report 2013. All publications are available in English; ...    2 MB    Views 4264

Past money

+15    Wondering how much you would have to give today for a thing that cost 10 in the 1800? With this application you can easily calculate it. Just choose a initial year, a final year and the amount of money you ...    915 kb    Views 2540
future growth global company designed 2011
-3    Transforming to capture future growth 2011 was an important year for CEMEX. Although many of our markets continued to underperform because of a slow and painful recovery from the global economy recession, we launched a rigorous transformation designed to make us ...    207 MB    Views 4277

RS. 2011

social sostenibilidad 2011
-3    Cementos Lima S.A.A publica su Reporte de Sostenibilidad 2011 en una versión exclusivamente diseñada para dispositivos iPad. El presente Reporte de Sostenibilidad presenta la gestión de Responsabilidad Social en las dimensiones económica, social y ambiental de nuestra Empresa con sus ...    28 MB    Views 6080
2013 consolidated report annual
-8    Explore our interactive 2013 Annual Report on your iPad. Features Letter to Clients and Shareholders Client Testimonials Complete Products and Services 2013 Consolidated Statement of Income 2013 Consolidated Balance Sheet And more    119 MB    Views 4660


-8    iPhone version of ERP system is used for retail and individual. In basic data could be established customer and supplier data. Include customer’s birthday management which can build good relationship with customers. In addition, stock is updated immediately once quality and ...    5 MB    Views 8668
report annual walmex 2013
-8    2013 Walmex Annual Report    298 MB    Views 7381
calculator 1800 power dollar inflation calculate contact buying 2011 intuitive
+30    Use this amazingly intuitive app to calculate how the buying power of the US dollar has changed from 1800 to 2011. Inflation Calculator lets you calculate the value of money for each year since 1800. For example, did you know that ...    387 kb    Views 8409
+22    This is the Autoliv App with 2014 Annual Report, Quarterly Reports, Key Ratios and Financial Tables. Read more about the Autoliv offerings within Active and Passive safety and our passion for saving lives.    12 MB    Views 7651


2010 2011
0    划时代的免费股市黑马软件登陆App Store了,坚持“选牛股、测好股、轻松管股、快乐赚钱”的研发思路,吸取了传统行情软件的精华,从用户实际操作的需求出发,以市场热点、主力行为、新闻资讯和机构研究为基石,结合专业的分析手法,将庞杂信息分析的结果利用简单通俗的图表、数值等直观的展现出来,让用户操作更精准、更高效、更简单,对实际操作具有极强的参考价值。 六大必胜秘诀: 1、判大势:判断大盘成长性,提前洞悉市场走势 2、选黑马:实盘监测市场动向,第一时间提示潜力牛股 3、定买卖:量身打造操作策略,红进绿出轻松盈利 4、看资金:洞悉资金进出状况,掌握行业、个股近期走向 5、捕龙头:快速筛选出龙头板块中龙头股,擒涨就要先擒领涨龙头 6、全免费:Level2行情,实时DDX,超赢,大智慧超赢,指南针全赢主力雷达,同花顺大机构拓赢,赢富TopView数据 五大特色功能: 1、提供T+0的操作方案, 2、提供各大券商研究所最近研究评级, 3、提供三大选股模型:主力启动、主力建仓、震荡趋势 4、提供私募最新内部信息 5、强大的技术分析功能 我们的微博: 历史收益(仅供参考) 代码名称买入日卖出日总收益 600116三峡水利2011.01.152011.02.1591.18% 600332广州药业2010.11.182011.01.0578.65% 002006精功科技2010.09.302010.12.21277.26% 002013中航精机2010.09.032010.11.10173.56% 000795太原刚玉2010.08.062010.10.28153.74% 000758中色股份2010.07.302010.10.21189.67%    4 MB    Views 621
sale calculator price vat rate 2011 net application enter
-4    The VAT Rise Calculator allows you to easily enter your current 17.5% sale price and see what the sale price should be under the new 20% VAT Rate which comes into effect from January 2011. Simply enter your old Sale Price ...    92 kb    Views 8002
2014 annual report walmex
+19    2014 Walmex Annual Report Walmart México y Centroamérica one of the most important retailers of the region    179 MB    Views 6527
2013 report annual
-4    Puma Annual Report 2013    69 MB    Views 1505

Iberdrola 2013

2013 accounts report annual
-6    A tablet app containing all the information and accounts presented by Iberdrola Group to its 2014 General Shareholders' Meeting. Includes a 2013 Summary, interview with the Company chairman Ignacio Sánchez Galán, its analysis of the 2013 financial year, Sustainability Report, ...    141 MB    Views 7269
2012 annual report
-2    Тhe annual report of OJSC ALROSA for 2012 (hereinafter referred to as " Annual report“) has been prepared on the basis of information available to OJSC ALROSA at the time of preparation. This Annual report contains forecasting statements in regard ...    47 MB    Views 9125
+8    2012 Financial and Social Responsibility Report    5 MB    Views 1726
Related Apps tax compute pay salary support city click insurance 2011 data
+12    with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? 2011.9.1版新税率,算一算你多缴还是少缴个税 Select city and compute insurance automatically Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 4800 RMB Support new 7 ...    2 MB    Views 9566

Hueber Report

-6    The Hueber Report is a grain marketing advisory service and brokerage firm that places the highest importance on risk management and profitable farming. In our app we provide a daily market update, indepth analysis of the futures markets, comprehensive weekly and ...    1 MB    Views 2784
0    «Nous avons en 2011 consolidé nos affaires autour de six valeurs qui nous sont chères.» Notre rapport de gestion est construit autour de ces six valeurs et vous permet de parcourir les activités qui ont marqué notre année 2011 de ...    18 MB    Views 5816
2011 grupo
+3    Grupo Costanera Annual Reports 2011, new interactive version available for iPad.    72 MB    Views 8624

My Mortgage Report

Related Apps home report mortgage costs
-4    My Mortgage Report is an easy, fast and efficient way to see the total bills for any and all locations you are living or considering to live. It is fully customizable for each and every persons individual costs, and you can ...    730 kb    Views 4343


Related Apps property managers pdf report
+12    Driveby Inspection App is a product for property managers and landlords. Property managers will be able to email an exterior condition report that includes a pdf report with pictures of the property. User may send copy of pdf to themselves ...    736 kb    Views 1129

Asra Customer App

check report customer
+19    Download our customer App and manage your Asra tenancy without having to call us again. The new app allows you to: • Check your rent statement for the past 15 months and make payments • Report a repair and check its status, view ...    8 MB    Views 1890

AR 2011

2011 report annual company
-5    Cementos Lima S.A.A publishes its Annual Report 2011 in a version exclusively designed for iPad devices. This Annual Report summarizes the most important events affecting the Company during 2011 and up to the 2nd of March 2012, the date on ...    42 MB    Views 5945
2012 market stock trend trading 2011 2013 inventory 1896 calculation
-2    This app calculates the Fair Value for publicly traded companies. The calculations are based on the principles described by Benjamin Graham. The information is updated daily. Companies are listed by: Best Deals All Deals Sectors/Industries You can see the full Fair Value ...    4 MB    Views 9231
2012 report annual
-6    The Aggreko Annual Report 2012 is available to read on your iPad for the first time. Containing all the content from the printed version, it is also supplemented with interactive elements and links making it easy and enjoyable to navigate.    18 MB    Views 5367
report 2011 annual
+2    Russian Agricultural Bank 2011 Annual Report including IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report    7 MB    Views 1171
2012 market stock trend trading 2011 inventory 1896 calculation
+5    This app calculates the Fair Value for publicly traded companies. The calculations are based on the principles described by Benjamin Graham. The information is updated daily. Companies are listed by: Best Deals All Deals Sectors/Industries You can see the full Fair Value ...    4 MB    Views 5245
2012 report corporate
0    In the Henkel Corporate App library you will find the annual report 2012 and the sustainability report 2012 as pdf and further reports from 2011.    5 MB    Views 9522

Axtel Reportes

integrated report financial annual
+18    In this app you can download and read the AXTEL Annual Integrated Report, that includes environmental, social, governance and financial overall performance of the company. Moreover, you can find the Financial Reports History and the Annual Integrated Report 2011 and ...    13 MB    Views 7996

AkzoNobel Reports

financial report
+25    Have the financial report of AkzoNobel in your pocket wherever you go, on the move. Read it whenever you have time offline, even if you have no WiFi or 3G at hand. This app provides easy access to ...    50 MB    Views 1255
company report 2013 annual
0    This is Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.'s 2013 Annual Report. AEV is the publicly listed holding and investment company of the Aboitiz Group with major investments in power, banking, food, and land development. The company traces its roots to the late ...    619 MB    Views 603

Ebro 2011

-4    Informe Anual de Ebro 2011. Ebro es líder mundial en el sector del arroz y el segundo fabricante mundial de pasta.    12 MB    Views 6193
report 2013 annual
-4    Russian Agricultural Bank 2013 Annual Report, facts and figures, regional branches addresses    29 MB    Views 5287

Tax Card 2011/12

tax 2011
-4    Tax Rates for UK 2011/12    5 MB    Views 5764

HERA BS 2010

+10    This is the eighth year that Hera has published a Sustainability Report. The iPad version of the report provides several tools to facilitate your analysis of the Group’s results: a video interview with the Chief Executive Officer, interactive graphics, indepth ...    107 MB    Views 8107
market housing mortgage programs access high providing 2011
+15    As CMHC marks its 65th anniversary, we take pride in knowing that we have helped build A Solid Foundation for Generations of Canadians – from helping to house World War II veterans to delivering a range of programs that enhanced ...    NAN    Views 7526
report 2011 walmex
+1    2011 Financial and Social Responsibility Report, Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica Walmex    361 MB    Views 3323

1040 Tax Estimator

tax email rate estimator 2011 income 1040 information amount federal 2010
-2    We support both 2010 and 2011 Tax Rates 3/29/2011: Please install our latest update for a more accurate 2011 tax rate This is a simple, quick tax estimator for 1040 federal income tax. You might have heard IRS has stopped ...    379 kb    Views 9896
tax students visa income return scholarship 2011 form international
+4    F1 Visa Tax 2011 is made for international students in US with F1 visa. F1 Visa Tax 2011 could help you prepare your form 1040NREZ (Income Tax Return fro Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents) It's FREE FEATURES EASY: You only need to ...    198 kb    Views 9460
Related Apps calculator apple tip guide easy countries watch top 2011 international
-6    Tip Check is an easy to use tip guide and calculator designed for use on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Now compatible with Apple Watch Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know if you were supposed to ...    13 MB    Views 3946
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