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+3    SUMMARY Schwab Intelligent Portfolios™ is an automated investment advisory service. This sophisticated technology automatically builds, monitors and rebalances your portfolio– so you don’t have to. And unlike other investment advisory services, there are no advisory fees, commissions or account service fees ...    7 MB    Views 920

Lumi AGM

+6    Lumi AGM gives a shareholder the opportunity to vote, submit a question and participate at a shareholder meeting without being present at the meeting. A shareholder logs in to the app using credentials supplied to them by the Company holding ...    5 MB    Views 2214


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+13    Mytradebook is a mobile trading application that provides real time access to your portfolio, market data and news. Trade from anywhere: With Mytradebook you can view the markets in realtime, buy and sell stocks, bonds and manage your holdings and view your ...    3 MB    Views 5232

FF Flex Mobile

+23    FF Flex Mobile App provides the following functionality with its initial release: • Upload Claims and Submit Receipts • Recent Transactions and Details • View all email and SMS alerts • Contact administrator from mobile application via email or mobile phone • Stronger Authentication support ...    3 MB    Views 9311

Portfolio Designs

investors time information liberty account access rias user portfolio client real
+1    Portfolio Designs offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' application to authorized investors, their representatives and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Take the power of Liberty with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere. With comprehensive views of account ...    9 MB    Views 7968

Stocks Portfolio

+25    The Stock Portfolio application lets you monitor your realworld portfolios in a very simple and elegant fashion. You can upload positions from your brokerage account using the portfolio backup and download feature of the application. It also includes a watchlist feature ...    4 MB    Views 5727
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0    The MyPOMCO Account app provides POMCO Group members with access to their benefit accounts including: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA). Account information can be accessed at any time and in any place. ...    3 MB    Views 5282


challenge balance ability friends game simple device
-6    iGOTBALANCE is a unique and challenging balance game. Finalist in the New Hampshire Startup Challenge Practice, Record and Challenge your inner balance. Try over 50 Standard Balance Positions in the Pro Version iGotBalance is powered by the Ustabilize stability algorithm, a scoring system that ...    9 MB    Views 4380

eBroker Mobile

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-7    You can now keep yourself updated with the market trends, latest developments and make better investment decisions and execute trade transactions at your fingertips, where ever you are, we have launched an updated App in our continuous effort to making ...    28 MB    Views 6423


+11    Friance is a social ground to connect enterprises of all level with investors. We help empower Businesses and Entrepreneurs with a choice of funding, when they need and the price at which they need it. We help individuals and businesses with surplus capital ...    9 MB    Views 5764


etfs includes asset ability exchange funds
+29    There are hundreds of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE), covering all major asset classes, industry sectors and geographical markets offering a diverse and low cost investment option. The etfLook app enables a user to quickly find, ...    5 MB    Views 9613
data ability income transactions pro accounts file backup account
+13    If you are looking for a smart and easy to use App to control spending, track bills, replace paper checkbook, manage income and monitor account balances on the go, iAccount Pro is the one. With iAccount Pro application, you can ...    7 MB    Views 9117

Crawford FSA

card email ability view details mobile address billing provider administrator
0    Crawford FSA provides the following functionality: • Account balances and details • Upload Claims and Submit Receipts • Recent Transactions and Details • View all email and SMS alerts • Contact administrator from mobile application via email or mobile phone • Stronger Authentication support (Picture/Passphrase, device ...    3 MB    Views 5456
research access reports bbva analysis application economic ability global
-2    Introducing the new free app for iPad by BBVA Research Economic Analysis. With it you can easily access to all our reports and analysis of over 100 analysts worldwide spread. The application gives you dynamic, universal and free access to BBVA ...    4 MB    Views 2994
health card email challenge mobile view ability account access details device
+5    Access Health CHI Mobile is your one stop shop to accessing and managing your CHI program incentives, Flexible Spending Account and Health Reimbursement Account. Access Health CHI Mobile allows you to: • View Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Account ...    3 MB    Views 9880
acca experience centre student alerts notifications ability application receive exams
-3    ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. We aim to offer businessrelevant, firstchoice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and ...    2 MB    Views 3402
office investment monitor market research building morningstar advisor client advisors practice portfolio account information
+14    Explore new possibilities in practicebuilding with Morningstar for Advisors, a mobile companion to Morningstar Office℠ or Morningstar Advisor Workstation℠. Morningstar for Advisors wraps client account information in an easytouse visual interface to help advisors like you illustrate account details, explain ...    70 MB    Views 1580


money stock finance shows portfolio entry watchlist account price
+2    FinanceDesk is an easy to use finance application which shows win/loss of your purchased stock shares. As displayed in the first screenshot, the portfolio table shows this information in the leftmost column. Red means, you loose money, green means you gain ...    1 MB    Views 2563

iDynamics Connect

+1    iDynamics Connect gives you access to Microsoft Dynamics Nav (formerly Navision) from your iPhone or iPad. Access your Catalogue, your customers, and more from your device, either in realtime or offline. iDynamics Connect gives your salesforce the ability to create Sales ...    8 MB    Views 6944

Money Planning Free

Related Apps money stock calculator history facebook planning management portfolio smart transaction account easy plan schedule reports report
+3    Money Planning help you to keep history of your money transactions and also help you plan your money for life. New Portfolio Management is no like others [New] Portfolio Management Keep your portfolio in units based. Can update stock price, ...    14 MB    Views 1377

Pocket Budget

Related Apps budget support categories pocket mail ability data reports password modify
+7    The best way to manage your personal finances. Tracking of expenses & incomes has never been easier. Just few clicks and you know where your money goes and how you can improve your cashflow. Now with recurring transactions support =[ Main ...    2 MB    Views 7670
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+1    With Lubbock National Bank’s Mobile Banking app, mobile banking will be more convenient. Lubbock National Bank’s SmartApp provides customers a rich banking experience right at their finger tips • Control your Lubbock National Bank Debit Card with the ability to turn ...    22 MB    Views 1878

Debt Strategy

strategy debt debts pay paid payments ability paying helps payment
+6    Debt Strategy helps you identify the best payoff strategy in order to pay down your debts fast. It also helps you track and pay off your debts, and execute on the strategy you choose. After entering your debts in the ...    2 MB    Views 3378


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+17    Unison gives you real time access to the platform while you're on the move. Advisers and account holders simply use your online ID and password to access Unison's many features. Unison for advisers Access full platform functionality, including the ability to ...    168 kb    Views 8781
+5    Welcome All, We're proud to announce our new Venezuelan Currency Conversion tool that allows to keep track of the most recent currency exchange as well as the history of currency changes daily. Some of the initial features are: 1 Ability to view latest ...    6 MB    Views 7541
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-8    Sage Evolution Mobile Sales takes your sales force to your customers. With mobility now the cornerstone for operating a cuttingedge business, Sage Evolution Mobile Sales is the perfect tool to stay ahead of the competition. This ERP solution gives your sales ...    15 MB    Views 2305

Overtime Calc

work calendar overtime ability easy values adding event control
-6    Overtime Cal application enables you to easily control your work together with overtime. It also allows you to remember your work done in the past and proper accounting for your employer. The opportunity to add a new event to the ...    4 MB    Views 1607


-3    About this project In a century where many consumers have progressed towards the age of information, we continue to see glimpses of processes of the past. In the past few years consumers have transformed their ability to buy consumer goods. With ...    1 MB    Views 5131
checklist race ability inspection club complete concerns day track
+15    The JLT Sport Harness Racing Checklist app is a prerace inspection tool for evaluating potential injury and accident causes on and around the track and stable areas. It allows Stewards and Club Officials to identify safety concerns and record any ...    NAN    Views 4222

MPAO Mobile App

viewing rsa account portfolio mobile
-4    The official Mobile Application for Maldives Pension Administration Office. Features include Viewing RSA(Retirement Savings Account) Balance, Viewing the composition of RSA account, which is the percentage each portfolio such as Investment Portfolio or Sharia Portfolio Viewing the money flow within the RSA Account, ...    7 MB    Views 6891
stock investors usd subscription stocks account period ticker portfolio current volume
0    Ticker Stocks Portfolio Manager for Investors on the move. Portfolio Management Manage multiple portfolios with beautiful charts, graphs and detailed P&L Enter your trades, dividends, splits and see your positions and P/L live Full Portfolio performance metrics calculated: MWRR, TWRR ...    26 MB    Views 408
investment view ability mobile information customers premiums change solution
+1    The StateTrust Mobile Solution gives mobile access to StateTrust Life and Annuities products and services, allowing customers to manage their policies and accounts 24/7 anywhere in the world. Our Mobile Solution allows prospective clients to: · View information regarding StateTrust Life products ...    44 MB    Views 2787

Smart Money Prime

money smart members service prime ability application weekly
+1    This smartphone application allows members of the popular finance and investing service – smart money prime – the ability to read their weekly reports while on the go. Each member of this service also has the ability to visit Mesh Money ...    3 MB    Views 5888
calculator loan payment interest application loans ability principal monthly
+11    Gizmo Loan Calculator is a simple application for calculating a loan's cost and monthly payment. The application support two loan formats, a general loan and more specialized car loan calculator. Both loans will provide you with information about the loan cost ...    126 kb    Views 1798

City Bank

Related Apps banking history time city bank reward checking status mobile ability account check
+24    With the launch of the Mobile Banking app from City Bank, banking on the go will be more convenient. City Bank’s SmartApp provides customers with a rich banking experience, rolled into your mobile device. Features available Include: + Picture Pay adds the ...    15 MB    Views 6881


business tools atm biz access easy error ability
0    ATM Biz As you are growing your ATM Business, you want to put the power & tools of ATM monitoring in your hands. Now Available from Access One, ATM Biz kicks up the ATM business a notch with the ability to ...    1 MB    Views 5701

ePort Mobile ™

Related Apps card cards usa technologies application service reader credit account ability
+27    The ePort Mobile for iPhone application is a mobile realization of the USA Technologies ePort credit card payment device. This is a secure application which allows credit card transactions. The application connects to the USA Technologies ePort Connect Service. USA ...    5 MB    Views 1779

Afrinvestor Mobile

+10    Afrinvestor is a mobile trading application that provides real time access to your portfolio, market data and news. Trade from anywhere: With Afrinvestor you can view the markets in realtime, buy and sell stocks, bonds and manage your holdings and view your ...    2 MB    Views 6638

LGRS Motor

accident claims ability motor vehicle submit details information
+13    The LGRS motor vehicle claims app will assist you in the collection and recording of important information following a motor vehicle accident. It will also enable you to submit recorded details through to our LGRS claims department to begin the ...    NAN    Views 8095

Business Ledger

business ipad ledger dropbox ability files save store statements
+4    If you are just getting started managing your finances or have a new business and need a quick solution for tracking your income, expenses and their sources, Business Ledger is the best app for you. You can record expenses and ...    12 MB    Views 2339


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+2    Keep track of your fillups and car expenses conveniently. Insertion fast and easy. It tracks time and location. Customize the main screen with the logo of your car and a name. Ability to export data to iTunes, Mail and Dropbox ...    27 MB    Views 3213


Related Apps account access details client ability asset performance portfolio notifications
0    iHUB24 gives you real time access to the HUB24 platform while you're on the move. Advisers and account holders simply use your HUB24 online ID and password to access iHub24's many features. iHUB24 for advisers Access full platform functionality, including the ...    157 kb    Views 3095

Wealth Engineers

Related Apps engineers web time monitor home investment advisor financial account access wealth clients real portfolio
+4    24/7/365 realtime account access. No more wondering what's going on with your portfolio or waiting for your financial advisor to send you a quarterly report. This innovative, free app is made available by Wealth Engineers exclusively to its clients, their representatives, ...    8 MB    Views 2894

ATO Expenses

Related Apps ability expenses receipts year financial receipt expense backup total format
-3    Your favourite receipt tracking app has been updated by Wave Digital. It turns out that people who lose their receipts also seem to lose their phones, so we've now built in the ability to backup your receipts so you can sync ...    2 MB    Views 9807

My Puilaetco Dewaay

news research portfolio view access account private
+4    With My PLDW application, Puilaetco Dewaay clients can safely consult their portfolio, documents, news and research anywhere, anytime.   Activate your account and enjoy a clear view of your portfolio, optimized for iPad.   Main features:   Secure Access Multilingual French and Dutch Consolidated and ...    13 MB    Views 1453
transactions ability data income account accounts file backup funds
0    If you are looking for a smart and easy to use App to track spending, replace paper checkbook, manage income and monitor account balances on the go, iAccount is the one. With iAccount application, you can reconcile transactions, transfer funds, ...    7 MB    Views 6124
search atm locator location current code zip saving ability
+8    MoneyPass is a nationwide surchargefree ATM network with more than 20,000 ATMs. Finding a MoneyPass ATM couldn’t be easier now, with the MoneyPass ATM Locator app With two convenient search options, you can find a MoneyPass ATM by entering an ...    467 kb    Views 1783

Petrol Saver

petrol ability suggestions saver save ideas
+3    "Petrol Saver" will help you save petrol and therefore keeping your money in the bank. It comes with 66 suggestions and ideas to help you save petrol some of these you may already doing, and some will be new ...    819 kb    Views 2283

Beaufort Portfolio

Related Apps london stock iphone beaufort view account portfolio securities exchange
-1    Introducing the new iPhone App for clients of Beaufort Sharedealing and Beaufort Securities. As an online execution only client of Beaufort Sharedealing, you can use the app to view your portfolio and trade in real time wherever you are, giving you ...    480 kb    Views 641
iphone banking nbc mobile account transactions view ability service accounts including
+26    First NBC Mobile is a mobile banking solution that enables current First NBC online banking customers the ability to use their iPhone to initiate routine transactions and conduct research anytime, from anywhere. With First NBC Mobile, users have the ability to: View ...    23 MB    Views 7777
stock china trading securities fung wing account portfolio 2303 performance existing
+5    Wing Fung Securities Smartphone Trading App lets you instantly capture every investment opportunity at anytime anywhere. You can also set up your own “Stock Watch” list to monitor the performance of your portfolio. Highlights include : [Market Information] HK, China & ...    7 MB    Views 5116

Tip CalcA

Related Apps tip ability amount
+5    A userfriendly app that calculates the tip amount as you type it. Features include: • Ability to SMS or Email the tip amount • Ability to split the bill equally with the press of a single button    106 kb    Views 176

AB&T National Bank

Related Apps banking history mobile account bank bill ability national check picture
+4    AB&TGo Mobile Banking provides you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. Bank anywhere with the confidence that comes from banking with the Gold Standard of community banking. + Picture Pay adds the ability to simply take a ...    22 MB    Views 4876
stock china trading securities fung wing account portfolio 2303 performance existing
+5    Wing Fung Securities Smartphone Trading App lets you instantly capture every investment opportunity at anytime anywhere. You can also set up your own “Stock Watch” list to monitor the performance of your portfolio. Highlights include : [Market Information] HK, China & ...    18 MB    Views 8859
Related Apps investment managers magazine subscription period pocketmags current portfolio free account charged
0    Portfolio Adviser is aimed at the mid to top end of the discretionary wealth management community in the UK and Channel Islands. Leveraging multiple channels of distribution and access, Portfolio Adviser is the investment strategy brand for asset managers looking to ...    5 MB    Views 6115

Vantage FX for iPad

Related Apps ipad time vantage trading forex account ability free real traders
-9    Combining powerful functionality with an easy to use, intuitive interface, Vantage FX for iPad gives traders the ability to trade Forex, commodities & indices 24 hours a day. The app functions on a realtime twoway connection with Vantage FX’s awardwinning MT ...    5 MB    Views 5126

8 Now!

monitor portfolio service account performance anytime
+24    8 Now is a simple new way to own and automate a global investment portfolio. 8 Now gives you the benefit of a professional portfolio that is designed just for you. Your portfolio is globally diversified and automatically optimized as ...    NAN    Views 4796
management items cash connect sales code bar ability possibility
-7    Innovative solution for fully autonomous cash register. Suitable for all trades. Do not be dependent of internet. A few clicks and is gone, once the application is installed, you only need to configure your items and start your sales. The full version offers many ...    NAN    Views 9412


property body rental time application owner access information related account managed portfolio
+7    The ANGOR application is simple to use and provides a convenient way to access your property’s information – anytime, anywhere. Application features This application’s features help you to do the following: View levy statements and/or balances on all units managed by Angor within ...    4 MB    Views 2114

Comptes de vacances

expenses accounts ability group participant friends restaurant
+7    Accounts & Reckonings allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on common expenditures among a party of friends holidaying together, sharing a flat, going to the restaurant, etc… For every expense (shopping, rent, transportation, restaurant, gas, utility bill, ...) ...    238 kb    Views 7492
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