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+29    MoneyMgr is a powerful, professional personal accounting software application. It is simple, convenient, fast, easy to use. You can record record your daily expenses, check your daily income and expenses, the monthly budget. MoneyMgr can support multiple account management, such as cash, ...    2 MB    Views 9858
+9    Bookkeep: a new household account book app that turns a chore into a pleasure Record your transactions and maintain your household accounts while enjoying life Bookkeep is a free household account book service sponsored by Financial Academy, a popular money school boasting ...    15 MB    Views 8707
+7    Features Highlight: Perfect for travelers, we offers multi currencies support in one account Perfect for people living with room mates Super easy and simple to use No account creation needed Works offline Description If you've ever tried splitting expenses, such as ...    5 MB    Views 3572


+7    Devalluator is a neat little app designed to make calculating percentages fast and simple. It uses large buttons to input values and hot keys to let you select the percentage you want to apply to a figure. Ideal for shopping environments when ...    435 kb    Views 4552


personal time web photo expenses track account mileage receipts based
+15    v.1.05 has been released which fixes crashes and issues when adding expenses and creating new accounts through the app. Texthog is a simple service to keep track of your expenses and personal finances on the go. No need to enter your ...    1 MB    Views 5995
application file expenses expense account restore backup functions manager
+12    ✭✰ Expense Manager ✭✰ ✓Only on Expense Manger Pro Available for installment plan It provides you with various settings of period so you can check the statistical figures for the desired period. a Pie chart is available This application is safe ...    3 MB    Views 6693


calculator functions basic buttons
+25    This programmable calculator incorporates a full BASIC interpreter that enables you to create and assign your own functions to calculator buttons. o Thirty five customizable buttons defined using functions written in BASIC. o Ability to intermix numbers of any base at any ...    654 kb    Views 3591
Related Apps time term functions variables results annual
-4    Six Functions of a 1 is a suite of financial calculations commonly used in finance, economics, investment analysis, and valuation. These functions are especially useful to students learning about time value of money concepts. Key input variables are amount, annual interest ...    562 kb    Views 2416
Related Apps calculator functions interest financial rpn
0    Fincalc 12F is a fully functional programmable financial RPN calculator Features include: percentage, calendar functions simple interest, compound interest, and amortization functions discounted cash flow analysis, bond, and depreciation calculations    14 MB    Views 3700


+14    Easiest Calculator Anywhere. Easy to use basic calculator all extra functions and menus removed to make operation as simple as possible, even for those with disabilities. Simple clean display, basic functions, beautiful animated buttons. You can't possibly mess it up. Many calculators ...    13 MB    Views 6863
Related Apps calculator engineering displayed percent registers calculations sum financial functions standard hours
+7    allRPNCalc is a versatile calculator that uses the powerful Reverse Polish Notation logic system combined with an automated 4 level stack to compute answers to complex mathematical problems. The keyboard layout and display have been optimized for use on an ...    467 kb    Views 5909
ipad time financial cashflow user values present functions screen cash
+13    The CashFlow Financial iPad app performs computations most commonly encountered in the financial, banking, and insurance industries. The functionality of the app allows the user to perform tasks routinely done with special purpose calculators such as TI BA II Plus ...    8 MB    Views 2651
books person account set report accounting book color expenses count manage view
-8    This is a simple app that generates PDF report for a cash flow for personal and business expenses. This is not the type of the balance analysis. However, it’s very useful for an accounting person (person submitting the report) such as ...    3 MB    Views 7363

iCalculator Plus

view random functions type perform matrix calculate operations calculations
-6    iCalculator Plus A powerful calculator suite using a math parser for home, school and office use. Includes 7 different modes of operations: 1 Main View: memory, power, square root, logarithmic, factorial and other functions like floor(), ceil() and random(). Includes more than ...    3 MB    Views 1299
Related Apps calculator financial analysis functions optimized
+9    The 12 ECal is a powerful financial calculator that supports all functions of the classical HP 12C Financial calculator, specially designed and optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Features: RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry; Universal App; Highlights for function keys; Optimized for iOS 7. Functions: Time value ...    5 MB    Views 8089


users functions chart analysis japanese entering number enter functionality
+16    One of the reason people don’t like financial recording application is that there are so many functionality in the application Users will like to have to functions, BUT Lazy to enter the number in a complicated way. Archimoney can solve this ...    1 MB    Views 4974


Related Apps calculator simulation rpn parameters input registers financial display functions interest keys
+18    RPN70 SD is a complete simulation of the financial handheld calculator HP70 from 1974. It handles loan amortization, saving plans, depreciation, and much more with ease. What users said: "Looks good, all functions you need. Love it" "This is a beautiful emulation of ...    24 MB    Views 2213
Related Apps money budget history search pro account record expenses category daily incomes
-3    MOZE app is used for keeping account of your money, which can help you to cultivate the habit of saving money. BEAUTIFUL & INTUITIVE UI/UX Experience the attractive design of user interface. MOZE is not just a tool, but a ...    14 MB    Views 7276
+15    “Money Manager Next Lite” is an optimized application for personal account management. Household account management is complicated. But we make it simple by simplifying the things that are complex. The default settings will get you started, and once you get used ...    11 MB    Views 1810

Musical Calculator

calculator button functions press
0    Musical Calculator (With Themes) for iPhone and iPad. It provides all scientific and arithmetic functions.All operations like factorial,divisions,root,power and logarithm are also supported. It includes trigonometric functions like sin,cos ,tan,inverse of trigonometric functions and more.. Extra features: 1) Large,easy to press button. 2) Backspace ...    3 MB    Views 8949
money budget expenses accounts account entries recurring incomes add chart set delete
-7    Expense Keep is a personal finance app built to be fast and designed to be flexible yet simple to use. Organize your money into separate accounts and track your expenses and incomes. Accounts can be used to track your bank ...    2 MB    Views 5495
Related Apps calculator facebook pocket buttons functions scientific cool
-9    Your Calculator – Your Style No thrills barred calculator with plenty of themes and styles to suit your taste. Our small but perfectly formed calculator is all you need for those simple sums. No crazy scientific buttons, no weird and ...    18 MB    Views 2473

Equity Cheat Sheet

search office equity sheet function functions related ability
+2    This is a cheat sheet for Equity functions within the BLB Terminal. It points you to the command keys when you search for a particular Equityrelated function. Looking for an oftenused equity function such as ACDR (Earnings estimates and announcement dates) ...    505 kb    Views 8437
calculator statistics lists sum functions capability add analysis calculations
-9    The creators of 5star Scientific++ and Statistics Calculator++ redesigned Statistics Calculator+++ exclusively for iPad. In designing the statistics functions of this app we had one thing in mind: The user should not need to read a single line of manual to ...    3 MB    Views 619


+8    Cryptok allows you to check different Crypto Currencies at once. With a really simple interface and a easytouse functions you can check how is your money going. Some functions are + Bitcoin, Litecoin, Pepecoin and Namecoin realtime values. + Autoupdate + USD, EUR and ...    973 kb    Views 7672
Related Apps calculator iphone 12c mode financial platinum functions features calculation original
+11    The Platinum version of the industrystandard HP 12c Financial Calculator adds the choice of timesaving RPN or traditional algebraic data entry as well as convenient editing features such as “backspace” and “undo” keys. Built with the same algorithms and calculation ...    1 MB    Views 4790
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+1    Lite version of the HomeBudget software, which is available as a paid application. Limited to 20 expense entries and 10 income entries. HomeBudget is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, billsdue and account balances. It ...    5 MB    Views 907


-4    MoneyMgr is a powerful, professional personal accounting software application. It is simple, convenient, fast, easy to use. You can record record your daily expenses, check your daily income and expenses, the monthly budget. MoneyMgr can support multiple account management, such as cash, ...    2 MB    Views 9027
Related Apps calculator lists support graphs functions intuitive number application retina
+15    The Scientific Graphing Calculator with exceptional features, extensibility and customisability. Define, evaluate, graph, analyse and extend any closedform expression. Scientific Calculator • Support for real numbers, complex numbers, vectors and lists (and lists of vectors of lists of complex etc.). • Trigonometry, radians ...    2 MB    Views 6549
Related Apps income expenses accounts icloud data account categories category import
0    Moneyfiles is designed to make tracking your income and expenses easy. There is no advanced setup required or sophisticated user interface to understand. Simply add some accounts and some categories and you're ready to go Features: • Simple user interface: Easy to understand hierarchy. ...    2 MB    Views 8888

HT-FC Lite

Related Apps functions financial
+24    A financial calculator with below functions: 1. Basic Arithmetic Calculations 2. Percentage and Calendar Functions 3. Financial Functions 4. Statistics Functions 5. Programming Functions    1 MB    Views 8592


Related Apps functions financial
+2    A financial calculator with below functions: 1. Basic Arithmetic Calculations 2. Percentage and Calendar Functions 3. Financial Functions 4. Statistics Functions 5. Programming Functions    1 MB    Views 9256
calculator sales margin calculate cost functions
-3    Guardrail Calculator (previously Sales Profit Calculator) is a straightforward margin calculator, similar to those Sales professionals have used for years. In addition to standard calculator functions, it has special functions to calculate selling price, cost, or margin using two of ...    988 kb    Views 4219


calculator iphone functions display set real memory added select
+20    The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in Science, Finance, Business, Accounting and real state. The R.L.M. Software's RLM17BII calculator simulates the real HP 17BII+ calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 & 5 retina display, with ...    10 MB    Views 8432

Chrissy Calc

calculator tax functions function calc
+4    Chrissy Calc is a fairly simple calculator app that was made with the retail worker in mind. It has a special function to apply a 10% discount and a function to add tax. The tax can be adjusted to your ...    5 MB    Views 6867


Related Apps card fuel vehicle account managing view offers expenses control
+21    We know that managing your businesses vehicle expenses can be time consuming. Motorpass, one of Australia’s largest multibranded fuel card provider, can help you take control of the everyday running costs of your business fleet. With leading fuel card acceptance, ...    10 MB    Views 1291

CashFlow Financial

Related Apps financial cashflow worksheets interface functions flow cash rates
0    The CashFlow Financial app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad performs computations most commonly encountered in the financial, banking, and insurance industries. The design of its interface takes advantage of the capabilities of the iOS platform to perform tasks routinely done using such ...    8 MB    Views 2024
+13    Application is the fastest way to store information about your expenses. It is optimized to be used when standing in line or just after paying in shop. You enter expense data right after starting app so you can do it right after ...    5 MB    Views 7068


calculator program memory tool selectable functions model features editor cash view
+3    Full and super expanded professional simulation of a Classic Business and Financial calculator, with all the functions of the real one and a complete set of iOS exclusive features to improve the user experience and usability. Over 130 builtin functions including ...    8 MB    Views 9235

ASP Smart

stock asp smart notification regional price set eps dividend functions
0    ASP Smart is the most innovative and powerful tool for investment on smart phones provided by Asia Plus Securities PLC. Thailand (ASP). What are in the ASP Smart functions? Regional Comparison, to compare your selected stock with regional and local peers among ...    14 MB    Views 8393

Rental Manager Free

rental property report functions analysis agent manager free
+5    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    9 MB    Views 8111

Landlord Biz

text email landlord ability add functions tenants modify biz payments expenses
-7    Landlord Biz is designed by a Landlord for a Landlord or property manager. I tried many other app’s and always found them to be missing certain key components. Landlord Biz contains all the functions needed to track tenants, properties, rents, ...    12 MB    Views 4981

Expense Manager Pro

application file expenses account backup functions restore fixed cash
+5    ✭✰ Expense Manager Pro ✭✰ ✓ This application manages your monthly expenses only rather than being a general housekeeping account application. This application is for those people who are aware of the importance of financial planning but who find it difficult ...    1 MB    Views 323
Related Apps tracker money expenses accounts account feedback tracking currency expense
+4    Simple. Fast. Intelligent. Beautiful. This is BucksGuard in 4 words BucksGuard Expense Tracker is your special finance application. With BucksGuard, tracking your finances is fun because the app focuses on tracking your expenses, earnings and transfers quickly. giving you ...    8 MB    Views 9000

iExpenses with Sync

Related Apps iexpenses sync expenses account categories free monthly
-9    iExpenses is FREE iExpenses with sync is an application with functionality that will help you and your family with analysis of your monthly expenses. All expenses can be grouped in one of ten categories. An account can be shared between ...    3 MB    Views 218
Related Apps money budget home tracker save month monthly savings account expenses day
+11    monthly the SAVEMONEYONDAY 1 budget tracker isn't this the single smartest thing you can do to save money: put a part of it away to your savings account right at the beginning of the month? like you left it at ...    6 MB    Views 6133

George Go

Related Apps banking cards george transfers mobile access register account https accounts functions
-7    Go George Go The app with the best of George makes banking more mobile than ever. Easy access, intelligent functions and personal design – mobile banking has got a name: George Go. George Go is the app for everything that counts ...    21 MB    Views 9367

Mobile A.I.D.A.

Related Apps cards travel card business mobile account credit expenses manager company information
+10    AirPlus Mobile A.I.D.A. is designed to create virtual credit card numbers you can use to pay for your business travel expenses. No matter if it is the online purchase of a train ticket from your desk or a lastminute hotel booking ...    NAN    Views 6218


history order improved functions types trading charts
-3    BrokerjetApp: mobile trading directly on your securities account The first big update for the BrokerjetApp brings numerous improved trading functions and a lot more additional innovations to your iPhone. An overview of the main functions: Adaptation of the APP to ...    NAN    Views 3197


Related Apps calculator great basic formats display functions
+7    xyztCalc is the Zen of RPN (TM), or Reverse Polish Notation calculator great for students, scientists, engineers and professionals. The idea behind this app is simplicity: 1.) Only basic functions which you use 99.97% of the time. 2.) Keep the buttons nice and ...    2 MB    Views 2293

Iron Point

Related Apps writing performance client account fees information data expenses parties totals
+24    This mobile application allows you to view account valuation, performance, and reporting information for authorized users, in an application developed for Iron Point Capital Management specifically for mobile devices. Information contained herein is derived from and based upon data obtained from ...    961 kb    Views 3748

EYH Billing

time apps hours view billing features mobile account expenses
+5    The EYH Billing app is a free companion app for your EnterYourHours account. You'll need an EnterYourHours account before using this application. It has all of the most important features you need for billing and invoicing hours quickly and accurately. ...    1 MB    Views 3780


wifi data account expenses monthly export mobile files accounts
-5    AcctPad for the iPhone and iPod Touch provides a mobile user interface to manage expenses by keeping track of account and cash transactions. AcctPad provides the ability to categorize expenses, generate monthly PDF statements, backup, and restore with your desktop ...    468 kb    Views 6849
health tax hsa savings account insurance expenses maximize documents coach
+19    Take control of your health documents and HSA account in one convenient mobile app. People change jobs, careers and insurance carriers every day. HSA Coach stays with you. This app helps you store and track all of your health documents, receipts, ...    22 MB    Views 3378
apps trips budget travel expenses servers add currency encrypted easy functions
-6    TravelMate is the ultimate app to manage your trips. Create groups, invite your travel mates, split costs in any currency, calculate your daily budget and never forget anything important again. Main functions: NEW: Calculate your daily budget NEW: Add expenses and ...    18 MB    Views 1421

CashFlow Free

Related Apps card cashflow free export daily dropbox simple accounts transaction transactions functions
-1    'CashFlow Free' is a simple asset management software. You can manage your daily cash income/outgo, bank, credit card accounts. Features of CashFlow Free: 1. Simple and easy to record transactions You can easily input your daily transactions. You can choose description of transaction from ...    8 MB    Views 4828
Related Apps personal money management account amount transaction checkbook bank credit create expenses income
+7    Checkbook is a simple yet powerful app for managing your personal finances on the go.The app is beautifully designed with a sleek simple layout and built with a precise user interface that is both enjoyable and comfortable to use Balancing your ...    3 MB    Views 7655
time personal web receipts expenses account receipt expense store visualize organized
-3    Take control of your expenses today with Captoom Forget about your wallet being stuffed with raggedy receipts. It's time to choose the safest, fastest and the most wellorganized way of keeping records of your expenses. Captoom on your phone ...    2 MB    Views 4882


calculator big simple easy functions display power simplicity
-9    A fully featured calculator which looks and operates like the real thing. Simple Calculator is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. A simpletouse, easytoread calculator that goes anywhere your phone goes. It performs all the basic functions addition, subtraction, ...    7 MB    Views 8997

- The Calculator -

Related Apps calculator language functions
+2    "The Calculator" combines multiple functions in one app. In Addition, it's simple design and lucidity guarantee that it is easy to use. Functions: Calculator basic arithmetic operations brackets displays previous calculations Percentages calculation of percentage (based on two random values) Available languages: English, German ...    336 kb    Views 4212
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