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+9    Feel the joy of being so organised with your money that the next bill won’t faze you and the holiday you deserve doesn’t get away from you MoneyBrilliant is like having a personal financial assistant working for you 24/7. MoneyBrilliant is ...    NAN    Views 798
time personal design budget bills balance spending sync budgets easily financial accounts multiple enter
+4    Balance is a personal finance software that exists on the device you take with you everywhere ... your iPhone. With an elegant interface and intuitive design, Balance will help you and your family make managing personal finances a breeze. Balance helps ...    14 MB    Views 3424

Crypt Cash

+9    Crypt Cash, is your easy onthego crypto currency wallet. You need a wallet account for this app to be functional. It's completely free, and easy to use. It's required to add the api keys from to the app, ...    2 MB    Views 8449
-2    It is the true story of a common man’s journey to becoming a millionaire after his arrival in the United States—the story of a man who started from ground up to gain financial freedom in a new land. This App ...    34 MB    Views 2701

Plan your Life

+9    Are you worried about your family's future financial security? Do you dream of retiring in comfort? Are you planning to buy a second house or a new car and you are not sure you can afford it ? Are you ...    12 MB    Views 8439


tools personal financial principles information includes potential create decisions project
+24    At the core of any financial plan are four principles that should be considered. These principles are 1) how much you earn, 2) how much you pay in taxes, 3) how much you spend and 4) how much you save. ...    19 MB    Views 7546

CenterState Bank

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-5    CenterState Banks Mobile Access allows you to manage finances on the go FAST, SECURE and FREE – Mobile Access is available to all Online Banking users . FEATURES: Complete transactional services 24/7 Customers can view Transaction History for checking, savings, ...    3 MB    Views 4289
money budget finance personal management search expense income financial manage
+12    “Excome” name emerged from a perfect blend of two words “Expense” & “income”. If you are looking for a one stop solution to manage your money “Excome” would be a highly recommended app to control your pocket. This application is a ...    15 MB    Views 3427

Cash Planner

personal finance assets liabilities financial cash easier understanding total
+4    The more accurate an understanding of your total assets and liabilities you have, the easier it becomes to take sound financial decisions. Cash Planner app lets you stay upto date about your assets and liabilities. You are also able to ...    6 MB    Views 6389

CSB Online for iPad

+2    Now you can manage your money anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. With the Community Savings Bank Mobile App, you can conveniently and securely: Check account balances and review history Transfer between CSB accounts Make loan payments Pay bills electronically ...    17 MB    Views 9096

Personal Banking

banking personal ipad cards santander registered service choose simply authority financial register
-5    Wherever life takes you, stay in control of your accounts with Mobile Banking on your iPhone or iPad. Manage your current accounts, savings and credit cards securely and easily anywhere you can connect to the internet. Designed solely for personal ...    30 MB    Views 3524

Chic PF

personal finance financial plan future information
-6    Plan for your future personal finance from the convenience of your iPad with Chic Personal Finance. This app provides useful information and practical to use and will help you create a customized financial plan based on your individual financial circumstances. ...    NAN    Views 8843
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+1    Service 1st Federal Credit Union’s Free Mobile Banking Application for the iPhone™, iPad and iPod Touch. 
Manage your accounts, view copies of your cleared checks, make deposits, and view transaction history. Members can also make quick transfers ...    12 MB    Views 9553
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+11    You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting? With Home Bookkeeping, it's a snap It's your chance to finally become a savvy spender and protect yourself from the danger of debt. Unlike the usual paper and electronic ...    13 MB    Views 8422
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-2    Best New Personal Finance App (Finance Oct 2013) Earn chances to win prizes like gift cards, vacations, and even a 2 million prize every time you save money and pay off debt WITH SAVEUP YOU CAN… Keep track of your ...    7 MB    Views 320
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-7    Managing personal finance should be EASY and FUN Jojonomic is a personal finance app that makes managing your daytoday financial super simple and enjoyable. Several key features include: Smartly set budget Widget Financial Goal Access from multiple devices Free daily financial tips Location ...    NAN    Views 4250
planning personal business financial products range services professional clients including
+10    Independent Financial Advisers in Halesowen, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Worcester, Coventry, Birmingham and Nationwide. JWC Financial Solutions Ltd was formed by John Connor. John has been advising his clients for the last twenty years and offers a professional, honest and caring ...    11 MB    Views 2219
personal deposit credit account union information numbers 1935 800
-4    Alliant Mobile Check Deposit is designed to make it easy and convenient for you to deposit checks anywhere, anytime from your camera enabled device. Additional qualifications apply to deposit checks electronically. You can deposit items up to your available daily ...    2 MB    Views 1919

IDefence Plus

-4    Canada’s financial institutions have been trusting D+H Limited Partnership (D+H) with their clients’ personal information since 1875. D+H has earned that trust by consistently delivering reliable, innovative and secure products & services. IDefence Plus™will help you monitor & protect your ...    38 MB    Views 7272
investment investing personal family advisor financial intelligent friends portfolios portfolio ideas
-9    Clipper Advisor helps you make global investing easy, intelligent, and fun. With Clipper Advisor, you can allocate your assets across the globe, perform a check up on your current portfolios, and monitor and rebalance your investments. You can also talk to ...    17 MB    Views 4751
personal budget financial track easily activities budgeting status control
+11    Control your budget easily, wisely, and beautifully by Personal Budgeting. You'll be able to track your financial activities and understand your financial status by just using this app. Simply open the app and make a record every time you have financial ...    5 MB    Views 1098


tax security personal social superannuation benefits technical financial services pension rates
0    MAStech’s Little Black Book contains the essential facts and figures that financial services professionals generally access on a daily basis. It incorporates the current taxation, superannuation and social security rates and thresholds for the 2014/15 financial year. We hope you, ...    NAN    Views 8993

Goodwill Financial

tax time tracker news tools finance business personal financial income mileage latest future
+6    This powerful new free Finance & IFA App has been developed by the team at Goodwill Financial to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The Goodwill Financial App has been designed to ...    11 MB    Views 6813

Financial Fitness

fitness personal financial expense data assets allocation asset income years
+29    We made a deal with to show cartoons at regular intervals. Now you can get the benefit of financial fitness and laughter in one app. Buying this app is an investment Check your Financial Fitness without disclosing your personal ...    3 MB    Views 7372


+23    Claringbold Financial Services is a uniquely structured financial planning practice, offering solutions for all your financial needs. As you are a client of Claringbold Financial Services, this App provides you access to your personal and financial information at the touch of ...    3 MB    Views 9192
personal banking person bank account locate atms
+1    Bank on your schedule. Byline Bank Personal Banking is a quick, easy and secure way to access and manage your accounts, locate ATMs and more – all with your mobile device. With Byline Bank Personal Banking you can: • View account balances, ...    11 MB    Views 7267

Aussie Tax

tax personal year financial 2009
-6    This is a simple personal income tax calculator. Use it to estimate how much of your hard earned cash is moving to the ATO by the 'tax man' this financial year. It supports the financial year listed below: 20082009 20092010 Important Note: The tax ...    30 kb    Views 5259


+20    PayStore is your personal financial space Unite all your personal accounts, balance monitoring and payments in one mobile application Create your own financial space from scratch. Gather all the services you or your family use on the only screen of your iPhone ...    NAN    Views 9743
lifestyle tracker time business personal news financial planners income receipt latest
-5    This powerful new App has been developed by the team at MRA Lifestyle Financial Planners to give you key financial information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. Keep track of your important business miles with the App using the ...    9 MB    Views 8184
planning personal financial 2013 level post high conference
+2    The 2013 AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference is an intensive, highlevel even that will help you address the 2013 postelection issues impacting personal financial planning. It's the first major professional financial conference that addresses postelection changes headon with the ...    16 MB    Views 1054
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-1    Hip Pocket Trust Advisor brings knowledge of Personal Trust concepts right to you wherever you are. Cannon Financial Institute, the leading provider of Personal Trust training in the financial services industry, has created a video library of critical trust topics that ...    17 MB    Views 1064

Best Checkbook

personal features account easy checkbook handle categories transactions
+6    Finally, after a long wait an which you can use as a checkbook for all your banking/transactions, and always stay aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts. "Perfect for personal or commercial purposes" GPI CEO. Features: ...    3 MB    Views 4526
personal loan loans application points credit reward apply financial
+15    Tangerine is the Best Source for personal financial assistance, such as Short Term Loans, Installment Loans, or Title Loans. Every year, millions of Americans experience financial difficulties that make it hard to get by each month. Tangerine helps those people take ...    7 MB    Views 8884

Budget Factor

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+13    Everybody wants a financially secure life. Everybody wants to be able to afford what they want. But not everybody can do that. It’s more about how you manage your money than how much you make. Most people drift farther and farther away ...    10 MB    Views 1866
bills security personal money budget finance financial accounts account track top
+21    Your Money. Your Life. Simplified. MoneyStream is the first and only personal finance service that analyzes your financial future for you. And it’s totally FREE. Using our proprietary technology, you can track your spending with just one click, allowing you to stay ...    13 MB    Views 4021


personal software retirement financial manage debt credit powerful
+13    Powerful Personal Financial Manager . Have you ever bought anything and said, "I really did get my money's worth.” Well, you are about to do it again, you will see that MyMoneyProis a sure bet MyMoneyPro is a powerful personal ...    1 MB    Views 5506
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-4    Description PERSONALISE YOUR APP AND YOUR ACCOUNTS – Create personalised dashboards that represent different parts of your financial world. – Rearrange your dashboard and rename your accounts to fit your personal needs. __________________ YOUR MONEY AT A GLANCE – View all your Standard Bank accounts and ...    50 MB    Views 9110


-7    Moneysoft – Expense Tracking, Budget Planning, Cashflow, Reporting, Automated, Superior Money Management Moneysoft helps you take the first step towards financial wellbeing, take control and understand where your money is going. 1. View All Your Money In One Location Moneysoft can access information ...    NAN    Views 736
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-1    Mr. Money is a mint app to track your Incomes and Expenses, plan your Budget, control Debts, analyze cashflow, with bills/payments (scheduled transactions) support. Awesome said Lena after a few minutes of using this app, I've been managing ...    13 MB    Views 2178
tracker personal business news financial income latest receipt anytime
+25    This powerful new App has been developed by the team at Aspect Financial Consultants to give you key financial information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. Keep track of your important business miles with the App using the inbuilt ...    12 MB    Views 5457
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-1    Reach any material goal · Set up a coaching plan and Plus Money money will guide you until you reach your goals. · An innovative and groundbreaking app concept. · More than just a financial management app DOWNLOAD NOW Plus Money money ...    24 MB    Views 4949
money calculator health home people audio work personal cards retirement financial free budgeting check save don strategies
+3    Learning All About Budgeting Strategies For Busy Families Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Finances If you want to truly learn how to need to know these budgeting secrets You know why most people have a tendency not to ...    23 MB    Views 4449

Best Checkbook Lite

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+3    Finally, after a long wait an which you can use as a checkbook for all your banking/transactions, and always stay aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts. "Perfect for personal or commercial purposes" GPI CEO. Features: ...    3 MB    Views 4467

Envision Financial

banking personal bills apple access financial mobile account information ipod accounts
+12    DESCRIPTION Use our Envision Financial Mobile App for all your banking needs, anytime, anywhere. Check your account information, transfer money, deposit cheques, pay bills, make calculations and schedule transactions—all from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Plus, you'll have quick access ...    1 MB    Views 806


stock iphone ipad apps finance personal supports password equity tracking financial expense multiple user device
+4    My Finance Pal is our finance apps solution personal financial management for Iphone & ipad devices. Basic version supports multiple MyFinancePal user with multiple bank account profiling and includes advertisements.. This application provides complete financial solution for tracking income, assets, ...    5 MB    Views 8574
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-6 is the Nations Largest Online Financial News Company providing news you can use to better your personal finances, credit and investments. Free Credit Restoration, credit repair and management tips. Free personal finance and investment information to keep you up to date ...    10 MB    Views 2279

Lead Bank Mobile

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-7    Manage all of your personal banking needs with the Lead Bank Mobile app. The Lead Bank Mobile app allows you to manage all of your banking needs at your convenience and gives you peace of mind knowing that your activity ...    2 MB    Views 4794


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-4    Sphere Financial Services is a progressive financial planning practice located in Ringwood. Sphere Financial Services prides itself in providing financial planning, insurance and investment advice tailored to your personal situation. Our objective is to protect and increase the net worth of individuals, ...    860 kb    Views 1658
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-6    The Compare Structured Investments and Deposits application gives you information on the investments usually only available through UK Independent Financial Advisers, and provides you with the option to invest without receiving financial advice. The application’s descriptions of the products include information ...    NAN    Views 8687
calendar money planning personal rent future interface financial balance easy transactions
+9    “It’s a delight to use.” The Next Web “Dollarbird makes sense for anyone who wants to keep a closer eye on their cash flow for better financial planning purposes.” TechCrunch Also featured in Mashable, Lifehacker, The Guardian, iMore, TUAW etc. Track ...    6 MB    Views 3358
calculator personal money planning audio finance management financial model freedom millionaire life book
+5    It is the true story of a common man’s journey to becoming a millionaire after his arrival in the United States—the story of a man who started from ground up to gain financial freedom in a new land. This App ...    40 MB    Views 8087

HL Investment Times

investment research tax personal news invest give information times investments financial decisions
-7    Improve your investment decisions with one of the UK's leading investment publications packed full of expert comment and opinion, investment ideas and taxsaving tips. The Investment Times will give you access to: Independent investment research you won't find elsewhere The ...    NAN    Views 3247
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+10    The Standard Bank app for tablets is packed with innovative features, letting you manage your money on your terms. __________________ SEE ALL YOUR FINANCES IN ONE PLACE – With your secure Standard Bank ID you get your whole financial world at your fingertips ...    34 MB    Views 2496
personal chapter financial millionaire mindset assets
-1    Wealthy people have this socalled millionaire's personal mindset, a way of thinking that separates the achievers and successful individuals from the rest of the population. Why do we lack the money? Is it all because we lack the desire, opportunities, knowledge, ...    318 kb    Views 2087

Christian Penner

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-4 and developed a unique app whether you're buying a home or looking into refinance your current home. This elegantly designed personal mortgage app will provide you with continuous current information, so you will be able to make an informed ...    10 MB    Views 4900

Wealth Assessment

planning tax personal protection thailand financial assessment wealth
-3    Now you can create PDF and export. This may be specific for Thailand due to the difference between tax regulation and interest rate. But for most country still a good guideline for Personal Financial Planning. For expat who lives and ...    2 MB    Views 8989

Fiona Bevan

Related Apps management personal latest financial information team
-6    This powerful App has been developed by the team at Fiona Bevan Financial Management to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. Now you can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators. ...    14 MB    Views 9076
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+26    Are you on track to achieve your lifetime financial goals? Find out with this simple but comprehensive, DIY personal financial planning app. PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLAN WIZ is the only app available that puts comprehensive, doityourself personal financial planning at the fingertips ...    7 MB    Views 6911


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+1    Yodlee, the leader in personal financial management (PFM) software, brings you the convenience of Yodlee MoneyCenter for your Apple mobile or tablet device. As the proven platform behind the world’s largest financial institutions and PFM solutions, Yodlee has always offered ...    543 kb    Views 2421
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-6    SPEND LESS, SAVE MORE, ACHIEVE FINANCIAL BALANCE. Level Money’s awardwinning free personal finance app is a simple tool to automatically analyze your financial picture. Over 700,000 people trust Level to track their money, effortlessly. “If anyone out there needs a moneytracking app, ...    41 MB    Views 6965
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