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MyCost by Liquid

+3    Discover what your dollars truly mean by converting them to time and any other item you can imagine. Check out what awaits you with the highly addictive MyCost. ✓ REAL VALUE OF MONEY You'll realize how long you have to work to ...    2 MB    Views 6432
+1    "Unemployment insurance calculator" is an application that calculates the estimated amount of the basic allowance provided based on Employment Insurance Law. (correspondence after revision August, 2010)Supervision: [] Ichiro of day (public consultant on social and labor insurance) Isn't anxious when thinking ...    2 MB    Views 448


-1    Pay Pig is the fun, familyfriendly money App that helps kids learn the value of saving. Kids and parents can set goals, while kids help out around the home with jobs like washing the car and walking the dog, then ...    13 MB    Views 5305


+13    Makes it easy to keep track of the money you owe the kids or that they owe you. Are you giving the kids allowances? Do you find yourself forgetting to pay the allowance on the agreed day? Do you lack ...    2 MB    Views 3304


money children parents bank pocket child allowance piggy step contributions
+4    Otly is pocket money for the digital age. It goes with you and your kids wherever you go, is reliable, accurate, and always in your pocket or purse (without the jinglejangle of coins). Allowance problems solved Otly eliminates some of the most ...    5 MB    Views 2726


amount allowance chores earnings add automatically
+9    Allowance made easy It does not get much better then this Set your kids jobs for the week, decide how much they will earn and away they go Visit developer website for all the different ways of using this app ...    1 MB    Views 7996


money history spending screen enter transactions list spend set allowance
+7    HaveCash helps you SAVE money by always keeping you up to date with your cash balance and your spending pattern With complete control over your reserves, on what you have been spending your hard earned money and whether you are ...    719 kb    Views 7685

The Piggy Box

money kids box piggy information
-4    A companion tool to The Piggy Box, a Money Saving and Organizing System, this fun app helps kids track money in their Piggy Box “SAVE,” “SPEND,” and “GIVE” drawers. The allocation of money will help kids learn important financial and ...    7 MB    Views 9216

MeG Money Minder

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0    This is a simple application to let you keep track of how money someone owes you or you owe them. This was created for my kids who constantly get money that mom and dad 'hold on to' and then try ...    121 kb    Views 9428

FSCB Banker Jr.

0    This app teaches kids the value of saving money all while keeping them entertained. You can set up allowance, get to different levels, and unlock new gear for our mascot Piggums Parents will love that it's teaching kids about ...    45 MB    Views 7690


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+19    It has never been easier to be on a budget HaveCashPro is the ultimate app for keeping track of your cash. Track your spend with amounts, pictures, description and location. Track relative to budget or your daily spending allowance. Discover your spending ...    3 MB    Views 2574
money children kids family allowance chores bot child allowances weekly monthly
-9    The free version allows you to try all the features of the full version. The free version is limited to one child and one chore schedule. It cannot be used in conjunction with the paid version of the app to ...    28 MB    Views 6775
parents children management allowance day rules
+23    NOTE Our support page is in English and Portuguese, to change the language check the flags to the right of the site. Money is a subject present on the day of any adult and insert it in children's lives can ...    8 MB    Views 1815

Xerius - JobCalc

family working earnings taxes hours jobs allowance
+29    Did you know that as a Belgian student, working or earning too much has consequences for family allowance, taxes & NOSS(RSZ)? The Xerius JobCalc application helps students monitor their jobs earnings and working hour, so you or your parents don’t lose ...    3 MB    Views 9164

Chemical Banker Jr.

kids money virtual games banker tracking piggums game
+17    With Chemical Banker Jr. kids can learn now and save it for later. Kids track their money in a fun way developing vital life skills. Chemical Banker Jr. allows families to have conversations about money with games directed at understanding ...    45 MB    Views 3603
kids money save manage hold savings tracks spending
+2    I Save provides a simple and fun way for kids to record and track their money. It provides easy to use controls to categorize the money that they save and spend. I Save is designed for kids that are not old ...    5 MB    Views 7942
kids top 000 200
-8    TOP KIDS פותח בהתאם למטרות וצרכים הייחודיים של אוכלוסיית ההורים המעוניינת בחסכון לילדים. אפליקציית טופ קידס מאפשרת לך מוצר חיסכון חדשני המשלב ניהול חשבון אישי לילד יחד עם כיסויים ביטוחיים . TOP KIDS חשבון חסכון עם ביטחון אפליקציה מאפשרת לכם , הסוכנים, ...    2 MB    Views 1852

Saving Wiz Jr.

kids personal family email finance planning saving wiz save progress pro college learn goals
-6    Do your kids have a shopping wish list of toys, games and sports equipment? SAVING WIZ JR and JR PRO help kids learn to save money in order to get the things they want. Parents can help them track their progress. SAVING ...    2 MB    Views 8368


+22    Made for Kids indicates that your app has been designed for children. These apps will be part of the Kids category on the App Store and will be categorized and searchable by age range. To update existing Privacy Policy URL ...    9 MB    Views 1330


money allowance cash expenses day screen input savings meter expense income
+2    ○Description○ Cash Meter is a simple personal accounting app for people who care about the money in their wallet though they are not detailoriented. The Cash Meter screen like a speedometer or an odometer on a car lets you know at ...    1 MB    Views 2382

Flipper Funds

Related Apps kids funds saving
+7    Bank of Melbourne’s Flipper Funds is the fun, familyfriendly money App that helps kids learn the value of saving. Kids and parents can set goals, while kids help out around the home with jobs like washing the car and walking ...    8 MB    Views 7513
money calculator pocket allowance simple weekly accounts credit day transactions
+18    FREE A simple Pocket Money / Allowance balance calculator. A simple Pocket Money / Allowance calculator for managing the balance, adding and subtracting on a weekly basis. For every parent who struggles to keep track of their children’s weekly pocket money ...    8 MB    Views 4819

Piggy Smalls

money virtual kids coins piggy child real package worry
+27    Replace the old piggybanks with a virtual one and never again worry about having enough coins for your kids And the kids will love it too. Here's how it works: 1. Every week (or whenever you want) you send a package of ...    3 MB    Views 1703


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+20    With CNB Jr., kids can track their accounts in a fun way while developing vital life skills. CNB Jr. educates kids about financial responsibility with games directed at understanding different financial concepts. Featuring: Interactive Account Register Accessible from any iOS mobile ...    44 MB    Views 5374

Family Bank

+14    Do you want to teach your kids about money? How to manage their allowance? Encourage savings by adding interest? Every parent knows the importance of teaching children about money, but we (parents and kiddos) become frustrated for many reasons: •We forget ...    6 MB    Views 2172
education parents kids age calculator family college savings cost saving annual current account
+14    Planning college savings is not an easy job. Many factors come into play: such as the cost of college education (tuition, room and board, other mandatory fees, books and computers), the award of scholarships, the financial aid, and so on. ...    4 MB    Views 397
money kids accounts allowance monthly reward points weekly transactions interest
-3    Allowabank is an easy way to keep track of your kids allowance. Automatically credits accounts with allowance and (optional) interest, either weekly or monthly Collect reward or chore points. Features Deposit or withdraw money Transfer money between accounts Organize accounts by creating sub ...    2 MB    Views 4683

Kids Allowance App

+13    The Kids Allowance App makes it easy for parents to reward their kids for completing specific tasks. Parents simply add kids, tasks and rewards to the app and then share with their children. The child completes tasks to earn stars ...    5 MB    Views 6990


money budget rent spend envelope control amount allowance category generates question
-8    'Spend Control' answers the following most basic of financial questions: "How much can I safely spend today such that I can still meet my upcoming obligations and ultimately reach my desired goals?" Or to put it more succinctly: "How much can I ...    8 MB    Views 7971

Smart Allowance

child allowance smart rewards earnings chores manage
-2    Smart Allowance is a tool to manage chores and rewards for your child's allowance. This virtual accounting system allows you to manage and incentivize your child to agree to a chore list and see the rewards for completing them. The amount ...    15 MB    Views 4136
kids money children work time finance family banks chores setup allowances allowance set
+13    Proven To Work 15+ Million chores completed and 10+ Million allowances paid using iAllowance Apple Staff Favorite Featured by Money Magazine Put piggy banks and paper money behind you iAllowance is the only thing you need to ...    23 MB    Views 9056

Saving Wiz Jr. Pro

kids email family money finance saving wiz save pro progress goals goal
+15    Help your kids learn how to save money in order to get the things they want with SAVING WIZ JR PRO. Parents can set goals with them and share in tracking their progress. Need extra chores to earn money? Have a ...    1 MB    Views 9245

NB&T Banker Jr.

kids banker free
-8    NB&T introduces Banker Jr. a FREE mobile app to help teach kids simple money concepts. Learn with interactive savings passbook, goal setting, and fun financial literacy games. Helping kids save because kids count too Download Banker Jr. to your iPhone ...    44 MB    Views 8632

Banker Jr.

kids money virtual games banker tracking game piggums financial
-1    With Banker Jr. kids can learn now and save it for later. Kids track their money in a fun way developing vital life skills. Banker Jr. allows families to have conversations about money with games directed at understanding different financial ...    42 MB    Views 3939
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+15    bankaroo is a virtual bank for kids. bankaroo teaches kids (and parents) about the value of money in a simple and fun way. Key features include: Parents (and teachers) can create and manage the accounts. The kids have their own login ...    10 MB    Views 4470


+12    Made for Kids indicates that your app has been designed for children. These apps will be part of the Kids category on the App Store and will be categorized and searchable by age range. To update existing Privacy Policy URL ...    4 MB    Views 2904

LNB Banker Jr

kids money virtual games banker tracking piggums game
+9    With LNB Banker Jr. kids can learn now and save it for later. Kids track their money in a fun way developing vital life skills. LNB Banker Jr. allows families to have conversations about money with games directed at understanding ...    45 MB    Views 1964

Allowance Manager

+21    ALLOWANCE MANAGER HOW KIDS UNDERSTAND MONEY ALLOWANCE MANAGER WE OWE IT TO OUR KIDS (Recommended for all parents and for all kids age 5 22) THE GOAL We parents want our kids to develop crucial life skills. One such skill is understanding ...    1 MB    Views 5589
audio money time kids financial book life step
+21    Find out why The New York Times says, "The 8 Pillars of Financial Greatness hits the nail on the head. Brian Nelson Ford breaks the trend and delivers an educational, enjoyable, and refreshing read for anyone who wants to get ...    143 MB    Views 5254

Left to spend

budget time money apps spend left allowance total features expenses monthly
-2    "... I'm convinced that if you need an easytouse app that will scare you in to sticking to your budget you can count on Left to Spend." 

"It’s an elegant little app that does one thing well..."
 'Left ...    948 kb    Views 5325
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+3    Do you have a budget of what you want to spend a month on entertainment, clothes and going out? Do you pay your child an allowance? Are you keeping track of how much you are giving your child? This simple little calculator ...    136 kb    Views 3654


money kids child savings goal parent click target redeem set
+3    TeachtoSave: Invest in your kids future Teach them the magic of savings teachtosave is a virtual piggybank for your kid . The app teaches the basics of saving to kids in a very simple way.Here is how it works 1) Parents ...    776 kb    Views 6494
money parents kids children tracker family pocket features save
+1    The Roosterbank Pocket Money and Allowance Tracker for Parents provides access to the pocket money management features of the Roosterbank website via an iOS App. The Roosterbank Pocket Money and Allowance Tracker takes the hassle out of managing your child's pocket ...    6 MB    Views 9885

Taschengeld App

money kids allowance pocket version lists paid
+7    What others say: Très simple et efficace Version 1.0.2, 12.6.11, Moussinho It's obvious that the App is written by someone who has kids. It is easy to use and loggin changes to see, if your kids took your iPhone to change ...    407 kb    Views 2163


monitor management money kids review approve financial interface
+23    Allowance tracking, chores management, investments review, instant payments and more all conveniently bundled in a slim and easy to use interface. MoneyOrc is a financial education platform for kids and teens to teach them all aspects of money management. Designed ...    2 MB    Views 5927
allowance easy
-9    収支を簡単に計算することが出来ます. かんたんおこづかい計算機(消費税8%対応) 〜Easy Allowance Calculator〜のレイアウトをシンプルにし, 英語表記にしております. また, カレンダー・リマインダーに結果を登録出来るので, ご自身のやりくりが把握出来ます. 消費税8%を計算することもでき, 小数点以下切り捨て(floor)・切り上げ(ceil)・四捨五入(round)の3つから選択出来ます. (使い方) 登録したい金額を入力します. (+/)ボタンをタップすると登録先がincome/outgoのいずれかが選択出来ます. そしてEnterをタップすると金額が登録されます. また、RegistReminderボタンをタップするとReminderに登録され, RegistCalendarボタンをタップするとCalendarに登録されます. Cをタップすると入力している値をクリア, ACをタップすると登録している値を全てクリアします. 日々のやりくりにご活用下さい. ・Programming and Planning Masanori Fukui(EM Software)    2 MB    Views 6316
kids games learning money food math coins coin change dollar pay buy fun
+13    1. 10,000+ EDU Purchased by Schools around the US 2. 9 interactive games about USD coins learning, counting, paying, making change, matching and etc. 3. A quarter rewards for each correct answer, with the rewards kids can buy food in the store, ...    17 MB    Views 7757

Kids Allowance

kids money work navigation children allowance rewards simple reward allowances themes setup swipe
0    Kids Allowance is a complete rewrite of the old Kids Allowance and Rewards app. It is the only thing you need to manage your child's finances and teach him or her about saving and spending money. Whether you want to ...    8 MB    Views 2125

Military Pay Calc

military career time pay incentive pays duty based allowance
-2    The most comprehensive app for calculating US military pay. Great for knowing what you could make in the military, what you will make at your next promotion, what your location pays will be after a relocation, and to help mentor ...    245 MB    Views 6503

PennyOwl Allowance

children money parents family allowance features interesting great easy
+10    PennyOwl gives parents an easy way to manage allowances, and children a great way to learn about money. It’s important that children develop good financial habits early. Giving an allowance is a great way to start the conversation. PennyOwl is more than ...    10 MB    Views 6045

MBT Banker Jr.

kids money virtual games mbt banker tracking piggums account game
+17    With MBT Banker Jr. kids can learn now and save it for later. Kids track their money in a fun way developing vital life skills. MBT Banker Jr. allows families to have conversations about money with games directed at understanding ...    45 MB    Views 9128


money parents wallet child allowance weekly track simply manage
+8    An app to help parents manage their kids money. No more losing track of your child's money. No more forgetting to give weekly allowance. Weekly allowance will automatically be added to your child's wallet each saturday. Add small tasks with ...    3 MB    Views 694

MoneySmart for Kids

kids money parents moneysmart child chores tracking saving pay start
+17    Meet MoneySmart for kids, the allowance tracking app that coaches your child to better money habits without nagging FREE for a limited time through November 30, 2014 Our mission at GoodMoneyApps is to help families start good money habits early in life. ...    58 MB    Views 711
+16    Estimate unemployment allowance in Japan.    30 kb    Views 7102

Big Start

kids money children start big saving interactive fun future
-2    The latest update to the Big Start app features an exciting new game that teaches kids the Save, Share, Spend savings model in a fun, interactive way. Along with the new Save, Share, Spend feature, the Big Start app also features: ...    45 MB    Views 6824
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0    Allowance+ helps parents keep track of their children's money and automates management of allowances. Help build kids' financial literacy by tracking where their money goes. • Supports multiple children • Automated allowance on weekly or monthly schedule for each child • Custom currency ...    9 MB    Views 9282
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-9    The salary calculator app for finding out your true salary after tax and deductions (now includes 20152016 salary calculations). Input your gross wage and let the app calculate your tax, deductions and allowances on your salary. The results can be ...    10 MB    Views 7665

Piggy Penny

money kids fund save piggy penny
+11    Piggy Penny can help you teach your young kids about money. At its base it is a money manager that allows kids to save up digital pennies in order to buy things they want. It's made mainly for younger children ...    53 MB    Views 9402


kids playing village play join set allowance
+5    Itavio lets you set an allowance for your kids. No more hefty bills. No more nagging. It's easy to set up, letting you sit back and relax. Do my kids play too much? How much should I give for an allowance? ...    48 MB    Views 1385

Can I Buy ?

money news kids 2012 financial buy numbers http afford tool
+3    New Update>> Provides clarity of Approval/Denial reasons. Provides alternate suggestions to buy the item. Provides clear financial suggestions based on numbers you provided. Providers you financial numbers handy Can You Afford It? There’s An App for That. The above article in USA ...    10 MB    Views 9573
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