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Yes. You can make your financial planning yourself !

By using this application, you can analyze your financial needs and calculate them directly. As this application is a “quick” tool for financial planning, you may have the “estimation” of your needs before you consult your financial planner.

Financial planning is important for everyone in order to check if your finance is healthy enough to protect you and your family for future. Everyone should do it. The process of financial planning is complicated as it is required to understand your personal needs before planning, as well as to know how to “calculate” them. Thus, this “quick” tool is designed for you to make a comprehensive financial planning easily which covers insurance needs, education savings plan, retirement plan and investment plan.

To have a well financial planning, you need to review and update your plan regularly as your data may be changed time by time. With the “save” function, it is so convenient that you can use the application to save your profile record in your device for future review and update.

What’s more? This application is also a good tool the professional financial planner! As a professional planner, you can help your potential clients plan ahead since you can follow such “quick” process to estimate their needs for future approaching. You can manage your potential clients’ profile easily by saving all their records in your device!

In summary, the useful features of this application are as follows:

- the financial planning covers insurance needs, education savings plan, retirement plan and investment plan

- the “save” function saves different profile records in the device for future review and update

- one screen with 4 “tab” pages makes review all information in one glance

Be sure to check back the financial planning from time to time, as it is not a “one-time” process !

Hope you enjoy using this application and have fun !

Philip Lee – the creator

[email protected]
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Author panload
Published 2015-04-29
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