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American Eagle Title Group and Buffalo Land Abstract are proud to introduce a custom developed and powerful new real estate analytics tool to the market. Meet the American Eagle “Land Agent”. The Land Agent is a proprietary technology that gives you all the real estate transaction information you and your business need at your fingertips – while on the go using either of our custom iPhone or iPad Land Agent apps. The Land Agent helps you provide your clients with the information they want with only a few quick clicks.

Equipped with features like GPS mapping, the ability to create and save prospect profiles which include client information, property evaluation reports, and a camera feature for adding property photos, allowing you to provide to your client the most comprehensive reports. First of its kind the Land Agent app has been developed with county specific escrow and property tax values for all 77 counties across the State of Oklahoma!

The Land Agent application allows you to complete good faith estimates and compute loan costs fast while on the go. No more clients having to wait to know whether they can afford that home they have always dreamed of purchasing. No more hours lost while you calculate the loan and closing cost estimates for every property of interest, followed by more time spent preparing lengthy reports and email explanations. The Land Agent works for you and your clients providing all the numbers you need presented in a clear and comprehensible report. The Land Agent's PDF reports can be emailed directly to your client from you within seconds. We have even provided a feature of the Land Agent app that allows you to place all your business contact information and logo into the app where it can then be provided to your clients at the top of all reports you generate with the Land Agent.

Using the Land Agent in your everyday business gives you the solution you need saving you and your clients time and money! Trust American Eagle Title Group to provide you with the tools to make your real estate business a difference above the rest!
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Land Agent for iPad

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Published 2015-01-28
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