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Watch My Money | Panload

Simply tell Apple Watch what you bought and how much you spent to keep track of your money.


• You are an impulse buyer

• You often wonder where your paycheck went

• You are trying to get out of debt

• You want to save more money


For Apple Watch

• Speak to add a new expense.

• Track where and when you bought something and for how much.

• See at a glance how much you've spent today, this week this month and this year.

• Get timely reminders to record your expenses.

For iPhone

• Same features as Apple Watch plus...

• Schedule alerts to appear after breakfast, lunch or whenever you habitually buy something.

• Capture additional info, take photos and write a descriptions of your purchases.

• Filter purchases by Cash, Credit, Debit, Planned, Unplanned, Personal and Business

The first step to improving your financial life is to understand your spending habits.

"Watch My Money" will help you get a better grip on your hard earned cash.
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Author panload
Published 2015-05-18
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