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Quickly calculate your savings while shopping with MyDiscount! MyDiscount keeps a running total of all your items so you can easily know your total savings and cost.

Easily calculate the sale price of your items that have an initial discount, additional discount, and even cash off!

If you decide that you no longer want an item from your list you can easily delete it with a swipe of a finger.

You can also delete your entire list and start over with a click of a button.

Supports international currency symbols based on your regional settings.

Stop guessing at how much your purchases will cost you and use MyDiscount to track the cost and savings of your shopping!

Control sound effects, set the tax rate and other default settings within the MyDiscount by clicking on the "i"

Save your receipt by email!

It’s like having a register in your pocket!

***Version 2.0.0***

*Added option to email receipt

*Changed sequence of 'Add item'. User must add item first, this allows user to edit item

*User can now edit an item that was previously added

*Added option to apply tax before or after discounts

*Totals are shown in Red

*Cells are less cluttered

*Return key added to easily navigate to next field

*Tax switch now reads Yes/No instead of On/Off

*Added missing tone for dot on keyboard

***Version 2.1.0***

Tested on iOS4 and iPhone 4

Corrected keyboards toolbar to work with iOS4

Corrected decimal to work with iOS4

Removed decimal from quantity field

Corrected issue with items being cleared when switching between items in receipt

Initialized with single item

Change + symbol to "add item" button as using it as an add item button is against Apple's UI design policy

Added About Screen

***Version 2.1.1***

-iOS5 tested

-corrected issue with keyboard floating away...
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