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FX powered by Barclays | Panload

Get the most up-to-date mid-market foreign exchange information in real time, directly from Barclays FX trading platform, BARX.

Benefit from:

- Quickly converting an amount from one currency to another with our easy to use converter

- Monitoring all your favourite currency pairs in one place

- Live rates for over 90 currencies and 4 precious metals, updated every second

- Charts to see the highs, lows and movements on pair from today up to five years ago

Before you start using the app we want you to know:

- You don’t have to bank with Barclays to use the app, it’s free and available to anyone

- The rates shown here are mid-market, not buy or sell rates and you may get a significantly different rate if you choose to transact

- We collect information on how you use the app to help us improve your and other users experience

- By using the app you agree to the terms of use, which you will find set out within the a
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Published 2015-12-10
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