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Ever been out shopping and wondered whether:

24 cans of Pepsi is cheaper than 30 cans of Coke?

4 toilet rolls are cheaper than the 12 pack?

That two for one deal works out cheaper than the other brand?

Maybe even whether you should get the big box or small box of cereal?

What is the Better Buy?

Better Buy Au takes the brainpower out of the comparison and will tell you, with a simple colourful interface the Better Buy.

Join the many users saving real dollars every week on their grocery bill and purchase Better Buy.

Better Buy Au also features a simple shake to clear function.

If you want a taste of Better Buy, try the FREE version. It has the same great features, however doesn't support landscape rotation and is ad supported. If you like it then upgrade to the full version.


Better Buy Au now features a landscape function. Turning the phone allows you to compare up to 4 products!

Version 2.0 also introduces background themes so you can customise the look of Better Buy Au. Choose from 7 including original, midnight shine, pink sand, black swirls, beach, pink starfield and art canvas.
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Author panload
Published 2015-12-03
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