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Percentage Calculator 2014 | Panload

EMI Calculator now available with 1.1.

EMI Calculator helps user to quickly calculate EMI for any kind of loan. The most interesting feature is that the application allows you to calculate not only EMI but

1. Calculate your loan amount for given EMI, Period and Interest rate

2. Calculate your repayment period for given loan amount, EMI and Interest rate

3. Calculate interest for given loan amount, EMI and repayment period.

You can use this tool to adjust your loan requirements and find the best suitable interest rate, loan amount and repayment period.

Upcoming Features (Planned for Feb-2014)

1. Split of each EMI (principal and interest paid for each EMI).

2. Pie chart of your total repayment with split up of interest and Principal.


Percentage Calculator is simple application that allows you to do the following calculations.

1. Percentage Of a Number (10% of 200 is 20)

2. Number as percentage (10 is 5% of 200)

3. Increase percentage (250 increased by 10% is 275)

4. Decrease percentage (200 decreased by 15% is 170)

5. Simple Interest Calculator

6. Compound Interest Calculator

For any issues or feature request please post ticket in
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Percentage Calculator 2014 Free

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Published 2015-12-09
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