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4x Market Activity Meter LT | Panload

The "4X Market Activity Meter" app does just what its name says. In the experience and research of the developers, the activity of one or several pairs is not a true indicator of the entire Forex market activity. In most cases, the whole market is either active or passive. The market activity is captured and classified as Low, Medium or High. Every 30 minutes, the user receives information about the activity of the market, expressed as a percentage from 0-100.

Seven data points for the past 3 hours are displayed on the home screen and automatically update every half hour. Push Notifications alert the user when the market activity level reaches 35%. Beginning with this time, currency trading becomes very productive. The Forex Market reveals itself as being very dynamic and impulsive throughout the day. Therefore, this app is especially useful for short or medium term traders.

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4x Market Activity Meter

Author panload
Published 2015-11-05
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