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CurrencyAR is a currency conversion application through augmented reality.

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, CurrencyAR turns your iphone into a visual shortcut to the exchange rate on line of multiple currencies and countries. You just have to put the ticket you need to know the exchange rate in relation to your money and ready !!! In less than a second you will have the answer. And you can make multiple conversions, using combinations of coins you need.

Today the application supports visual recognition bill in 17 countries.

Periodically we will be updating our database notes to cover everyone.

17 Augmented Reality Available Currency:

American Dollar


English Pound

Cshezk Cron

Russian Rublo

Chilean Peso

Argentinian Peso

Mexican Peso

Peruvian Sol

Brazilian Real

Japanese Yen

Chinese Yuan

Thai Baht

South Korea Won

Indian Rupia

South african Rand

Australian Rand
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Author panload
Published 2015-09-16
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