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easyContracts | Panload

The application allows you to keep the information about any kind of contracts you can only think of.

The most common types of contracts are:

- mobile phone

- mobile Internet

- broadband

- insurance

- loans

- leasings

- contracting job

- flat rental

- memberships

- and much more...

Setup your contracts using '+' button located on 'Contracts' tab easily.

Provide reminders, they will inform you about payments and about contracts' finishing dates - finally you will not be charged additional money ifyou miss the ending date.

Provide contact person who is responsible for prolonging contract. You won't need to search for phone numbers or contact customer lines anymore, if you do so.

Add contract notes, be sure what is included there.

Use calendar to browse starting and ending contracts' dates in a crystal clear manner.

There are plans for many more extensions in the near future. Stay tuned up for the updates.
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Contract Maker ELITE

Author panload
Published 2015-07-12
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