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Property Compare is a powerful application that enables both property investors and owner occupier buyers to compare multiple properties all at once to help in their decision making process.

This app also serves as a Property checklist for investors, ensuring all outgoings are factored to calculate the true cashflow position for a property.

This app will enable the user to calculate key property metrics including cashflow, (giving a cashflow positive, neutral or negative position) gross yield, return on investment (ROI), monthly mortgage payments, total monthly outgoings and cost per metre / foot.

Property Compare will also chart the selected properties and order from highest to lowest cashflow, gross yield, return on investment and monthly mortgage payment making it easy for the user to target those properties that offer the best financial returns.

Users can organise properties into favourite folders, by street, suburb, districts or even country.

This app also includes the ability to add photos, URLs to real estate web sites and pinpoint the property on Apple maps.

Property Compare has a separate built in Mortgage Calculator if the user simply wants to know what their monthly mortgage payment will be.

This app provides a detailed property report that can then be emailed to friends, family and colleagues.

By comparing multiple properties all on the one screen the user can obtain the right information they need to make an informed property buying decision.

Major features of the app include

* A Property Comparison table that provides the key buying metrics for all selected properties you want to consider, all on one page

* Calculations generated for Cashflow, Gross Yield, Return on Investment, Monthly Mortgage Payments, Cost per square metre / foot and Monthly outgoings

* A separate and easy to use mortgage calculator

* Ability to organise your properties the way that you want and to highlight your favourite properties

* Information boxes for most fields explain exactly what is required or what the calculation is telling you about any given property.

* Simple to use income and outgoing screens and navigation

* The ability to email individual Property Reports to others

* Ability to change between currencies, metric units, interest rates and loan periods

Tutorial for use available here:
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Published 2015-03-29
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