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The BASES Finance app provides members of the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students a convenient way to submit financial reimbursement requests from their phones.

Stanford's BASES student group has a large six-figure budget each year to support programs such as BASES Challenge, the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar, SVI Hackspace, and Freshman Battalion.

When members need to be reimbursed for club expenses, they must submit form data including name, email address, amount requested, vendor, explanation, etc.

Additionally, members need to submit images of receipt documentation to submit to Stanford Student Enterprises. The BASES Finance app allows members to upload photos of receipts to our BASES Google Drive folder via the Google Drive iOS API.


-Submit reimbursement form data via Google Forms HTTP POST request

-Upload receipt images to the BASES Google Drive folder via Google Drive API

-Google authentication (OAuth 2.0) to submit receipt images with users' own Google accounts

-Customize names of image files before upload

-Choose image from camera roll or take a new picture

-Customize size and zoom of receipt images before upload

-Google Drive wait indicator during request submission

-Alerts users when entire request has been submitted properly

-Displays appropriate error messages for potential Google Drive problems
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