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Didn't Buy - Save Money, Curb Spending | Panload

Change your habits! Didn't Buy is an app to help you save money, stop impulse purchases, and reduce clutter in your life.

Instead of putting something in your shopping cart, stop for a moment. Make a quick entry in Didn't Buy and put it back on the shelf. Didn't Buy keeps a running total and gives you encouragement along the way. A week from now you won't remember that candy bar, but you'll appreciate the growing amount of money you've saved!

Get satisfaction out of saving money and buying quality goods, not by buying things you don't need!


Found a bug? I'm happy to provide free support. Send your feedback, bug reports and feature requests to [email protected] and I'll get back to you ASAP! You can also contact @dshapps on Twitter.
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Author panload
Published 2015-06-17
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