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旅行会計 | Panload

"Travel Money" is an app that helps you to manage shared money.It is useful when you go travering with a group.

[Add Expense]

You can add date of purchase and set purchased item.

And you can easily set "expenses" and "Payables" each members.

The app has a function to divide money for each member equally.

[List Of Expenses]

This displays list of expenses.

You can also delete list of expenses.

[Summary Of Expenses]

It shows a summary of all the expenses.

The member's name and their corresponding expenses and payables are also reflected.

You can calculate exchange rate easily.

[Separated Bills]

This displays list of expenses each members.

[Add Travel]

You can add travel destination and budget.

This displays list of members.

You can alse delete and reorder members.

[Add member]

You can add member.
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Author panload
Published 2015-12-30
Categories Application, Easy,
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