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Cart Buddy | Panload

With Cart Buddy, you create your grocery list at home and keep track of your spending at the store.  At home, add the items you need or use the preloaded list already included.  You are also able to create separate lists for different stores.  When you're shopping with Cart Buddy, you not only see what you need, you add in the quantity and price to see what you're spending.

Shopping Buddy Includes:

•Preloaded list of common grocery items.

•The ability to add or delete new grocery items.

•Make multiple shopping lists.

•Display your shopping list at store and check off each item as you put it in your cart

•Enter the qty and price of each item.

•Keep a running total of the items in your cart and in to get list.

•Remembers the last price you paid for an item from the previous shopping trip

•Sort lists alphabetically or manually.

•Include sales tax by item.

•Ability to enter negative price to represent a given coupon.

•Easy to use
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Author panload
Published 2015-07-11
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