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EMI Calculator is a simple yet powerful tool to calculate your Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). EMI calculator helps you calculate how much you need to pay every month towards your loan repayment, based on the Loan Amount, Interest rate and Number of Months. Use this Calculator for House Loan, Personal Loan or Car Loans.

If you have a desired loan amount, your desired interest rate, and your ideal loan tenure, this calculator can give you the equated monthly installment that you will have to pay.

This app helps you in comparing various lenders and make a wise decision. Compare the EMI amount you arrive at using this calculator with the EMIs offered by the various money lenders. This also helps you in arriving at a well-rounded view of your financial commitment monthly.

Happy calculating!


Note: All calculators are made based on certain assumptions which may not be true in every case. You should consult your personal financial advisor before taking any decision. Impressol disclaims any responsibility for any decision taken based on these calculations.
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Quick EMI Calculator

Author panload
Published 2015-05-08
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