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This application costs less than your morning coffee and will be forever yours. It will be invaluable to anyone who is saving up for that big trip or just to catch a favorite movie!

This application allows you to save for the future by giving up the small things you don’t need today.

Discover the value of your favorite object comparing it with others.

Compare and get your favorite items by giving up what you don’t really need.

NOTE: The reference currency for the United States is the US dollar - $

For the euro area the currency is the euro - €

Need an inspiration? Shake your device in the main view!

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Select the item you want and compare it to the value of other items.

What can you afford with $50 considering your salary? Set the digits and isLike will do the rest. You'll be surprised at how much money you spend on the items you buy every day.


Enjoy adding new objects, services or performances to be compared.

Compare one hour of your work in jars of peanut butter, or find out the mileage you can gain to visit your high school friend by giving up the purchase of the latest iPhone.


Want to buy an iPad or join the gym for a month? 

Select your goal, check what you would like to give up, and start your savings plan. 

IsLike will help you keep track of the money you saved and will notify you when you have finally reached your goal.


When you set a plan, thanks to the notifications of isLike, you can learn to save better and to save more. Learn the discipline of saving and you'll discover how much you can afford!
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