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Secret Wallet Lite | Panload

Save your personal and private information to your own space.

@ Main Features

√ Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of United States is used to secure information

√ Allows you to backup all information. All information will be encrypted twice and saved in

Goole Docs account.

√ This application does not use separate server, so you don't have to worry about information

leak through server.

√ Conveniently unlock your application using patterns.

√ Very intuitive UX/UI. Easy to input and find your information.

@ Main Functions

※ Bank Account

Manage your bank account information and account of customers/clients information as well.

※ Security Card (financial institutions)

Mange your financial institution account information.

※ Various Passwords

Manage user information of many websites that was hard to memorize up to now.

※ Anniversaries

Manage anniversaries and other important dates that you'd like to remember.

※ Birthdays

Manage birthdays of your family and friends.

※ D-day

See how many days are left until the specified date.

※ Bucket List

Set your target and due date and see how many days are left until the due date. Also,

distinguish accomplished from unaccomplished by marking on accomplished targets.

※ To Do List

Make a note of things you have to do or things you need to purchase and others.

※ Weight History

Record your daily weight history and see the changes.

@ Additional Functions

※ Note

※ Personal Identification Card

※ Credit Card

※ Passport

※ Account Book

@ Customer Support

[email protected]
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Secret Wallet - (ToDo List, Bucket List, Password, Credit Card)

Author panload
Published 2015-01-22
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