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Time tracker - Live time Gold - timesheet | Panload

Easy, fast and intuitive application for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad to manage your time.


- You are far from your company and you want to track your time... or simply inform your company how are you using the time and resources(machines, staff, etc)... you can email you activity reports… so you don’t have to wait your return to deliver them. With LIVE TIME can do it!

- You want to manage your activities and projects tracking your time (day by day or month by month) perhaps tracking how each activity have been cost or how much you will earn. With LIVE TIME can do it!

- Do you always forget at what time you started or finished an activity. LIVE TIME remember it for you.

- You started an activity and you forgot to indicate the end time? LIVE TIME sends you a reminder.

Using a simple “user interface” you can “clock in”(when you start the activity) or “clock out” (when you finish it)

Each movement (in or out) can be related to:

- A project: you can create new projects to connect with your tracked activities;

- A type of activity: you can specify the type of task, such as preparation time, working, traveling, book keeping time, etc...;

- A resource: a member of your team, your self or even a machine.

- A fee: each project ore ven each activity can have a fee and each second can be converted in money.

And finally, email eveything in HTML format and/or CSV (Microsoft Excel © compatible and all common spreadsheets) to your company or to each member of your team. 

Easy, fast and intuitive... With LIVE TIME you can do it!
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Time tracker - Live time - timesheet

Author panload
Published 2015-12-12
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