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MrFin | Panload

Organise, Retain and Maintain your financial data ready for your next credit application.

Contains most data commonly required for mortgage, lease and credit card applications.

Easily transfer data via QR codes (containing csv data) or directly to lender (via https) with a code obtained from a lender/broker.

See your financial position at a glance and keep up to date so you are always prepared to apply for credit for your dream home or car.

Note: This app is to assist with data collection and maintenance, and to streamline the credit application process. This app does not offer financial advice. Data is stored on your device. For data security, data is local to device only, ie no cloud sync. You should use pincode protection and find my device to assist security. You should know your lender before using a lender key to transfer data.
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Author panload
Published 2015-06-11
Categories Data, Money,
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