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Курс Валют, конвертор валют. 100 курсов валют и драгоценных металлов. ЦБ РФ | Panload

Do you want to keep current? Our free application provides an easy and convenient way to quickly convert about 100 currencies and 4 major precious metals. The modern and user-friendly interface makes it possible to view relevant currency rates from various sources and the currency calculator is quick and convenient.


• A quick converter for several currencies simultaneously

• Dollar, euro and a hundred more currencies rate

4 major precious metals exchange rate

• Automatic notifications of changes in exchange rate

• Exchange rate movement diagrams for 2-8 weeks

• A simple and convenient design

• Customizable themes

• Operates as a stand-alone solution

We are constantly working to improve the application.

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Currency Buddy

Author panload
Published 2015-02-24
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