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Bitstamp Mobile | Panload

An iOS App for buy and sell bitcoins in mobility,

BitstampMobile is a mirror of the famous Bitcoin

Exchange, and try to organize the

buy and sell process under a easy to use interface.

- Check the your USD / BTC Balance

- Check the your current % Fee

- Place Buy and Sell Orders

- Revoke Buy and Sell Orders

- List all Transactions

- List all Open Orders

BitstampMobile can help you, with their info

even without a account.

+ Monitor the BTC Price

+ 24h - 9d - 7w Charts

+ Quick Calculator

+ Push Notifications on price change

+ Display current Bitcoin price on app icon

Now In the Version 2.5

+ Apple Watch Support

+ minor bugfix

+ Push Notifications services are back online

For any suggestion, critic, improvement,

or anything else related to this App,

feel free to contact me at [email protected]

**Note: The app NEED a BitStamp account and

the registration can't be done inside the app.

To Register visit:
Download App From AppStore

Bit Trader - Bitcoin price ticker for Bitstamp

Author panload
Published 2015-07-23
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