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BalancePeek | Panload

See your latest balance quickly and easily for your German Bank account with one click right in the app (currently only available for bank accounts in Germany).

BalancePeek is a iOS app that helps you monitor your finance at any time. It's a light-weight indicator that runs in an app, displaying your balance with just one click.

You can easily add multiple accounts to your OBP user. You just login once to see your balance, without continuously logging in again and again to a web UI.

Balance information is safely transferred via encrypted connections and stored locally on your iOS device, giving you a quick overview of your account at the times. It updates every 10 minutes.

Time balance currently supports the following financial institutions in Europe:

- Postbank, German

- GLS, Germany

- Many other German banks, for the full list see:

To view a demo account, choose Sandbox when logging in and use this login user: [email protected] password: qwerty
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Author panload
Published 2015-10-12
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