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If you are a business owner, someone who wants to buy a business or someone who wants to sell a business you need to buy this app. It contains functions that will allow you to determine the value of a business – the starting place for buying or selling a business. It is comprehensive, it was designed and written by Certified Business Brokers and Appraisers. It will save you thousands, maybe even millions of dollars.

If you are a seller, it answers the age old question – how much am I going to get after I sell my company? it calculates your gain, your taxes and your proceeds.

If you are a Buyer , it will calculate your cash flows after debt service and contains your own personal negotiator function to allow you to quickly study numerous purchasing alternatives.

It contains three unique features; a report generator and email capability for emailing reports and it includes the ability to study 30 individual businesses.

It is unique , powerful, yet simple to use. Buy it now.
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BizValue SP

Author panload
Published 2015-08-26
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