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Foreclosure Genie SP | Panload

Forty seven (47) percent of properties being sold are distressed either short sale or foreclosure. 3.5 million foreclosed properties have been sold since 2006, about half of the eventual total.

Have we got an app for you. If you are an investor and you want foreclosed properties. then you need this app. It contains everything you need to determine what to pay, how much you with make and how long it will take you to get your money back. It also contain a great function for negotiating with bank. You will not believe how easy this app is to use and you will thank yourself buying it now. So step up and buy now and let it help with you investments.

It comes with everything you need - appreciation of the property, cash flow analysis , negotiation and more. You can even email reports of the results.

It handles up to 100 properties and it comes also with a full blown financial calculator and amortization function.

Don't wait buy it now.
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How To Buy Short Sales And Real Estate Pre-Foreclosures - Pre-Foreclosed Homes

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Published 2015-03-23
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