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Hot Wallet - Standalone Bitcoin wallet - by Paymium | Panload

The Bitcoin wallet, by Paymium.

Send and receive Bitcoin transactions for free, all around the world using your iPhone/iPad. Pay a purchase, send money to your friends, receive a payment... 'Hot Wallet' is a free, easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet.


- Follow the security steps carefully when using the app for the first time.

- You are solely responsible for the bitcoins in your wallet. The Paymium support team will not be able to recover your bitcoins (theft, lost keys, etc).

- We recommend that you do not leave more than 1000€ in bitcoins in your hot wallet.


- User-friendly - Simple and easy to use.

- Standalone - Paymium trading account not needed.

- Secure - Single backup phrase that works forever, pin code and more.

- Deterministic - Your Bitcoin balance and transaction history can be recovered from just your backup phrase.


- 'Hot Wallet' is an iOS app developed by Paymium, the European Bitcoin Exchange. Buy and sell bitcoins on

- 'Hot Wallet' is using the open-source code from Breadwallet, developed by Aaron Voisine. If you like this app, please consider donating to Aaron ( or contribute to the Breadwallet source code ( Thank you!
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Published 2015-02-13
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