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Bowtie ∞ Tip Calculator | Panload

Get a Tip Calculator so sleek and efficient it feels like it always belonged in your iPhone. The elegant interface is full of intuitive touches to help you do exact math while staying out of your way.

To use, just launch and tap in the price of your meal. Use the sliders to set the percentage and optionally, split the bill evenly among friends. Calculations can be made to the penny, or rounded to the nearest dollar to your intended tip percentage. You can even encode a pattern in your total amount to prevent theft! With the Mirror mode, you can confirm that every food charge in your credit card bill has the dollar and penny digits mirrored (e.g. $37.73 — a palindrome) and that nobody tried to skim a little off the top.


Review by Micah D:


"Launches fast, does the math an gets the job done. Doesn't bug you with Facebook connection or anything like that. The best tip calculator in the app store"

Another v2.0 review from a long-time user:


"I've tried many tipping apps and this has always been my favorite."

♥ From Seattle, with love. ♥

Thank you all for your awesome feedback and reviews. I've tried to build a top-shelf iPhone App with the fit and finish you’ve come to expect of the iPhone. There are bland imitations out there, and confusing apps with jumbles of badly arranged features. I'm confident you'll find this app is a worthwhile upgrade to your iPhone, and I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas.
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Author panload
Published 2015-09-18
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