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Watch My Spending - Track the cost of items you place in your cart at the grocery store or other retail shops | Panload

If you shop at grocery stores or other retail shops and need to stay on a budget, this app is for you! And staying on your budget is even easier when using the companion app extension for the Apple Watch!

Watch My Spending allows you to do just that—watch how much you’re spending as you shop to make sure you don't blow your budget.

Has this situation happened to you?

Have you ever gone to the grocery store or some other retail shop and loaded up your shopping cart with more items than you could afford to pay for at the checkout register? Did you gaze at the register display while the clerk scans each item, anxiously watching as the total cost figure creeps up, hoping you’ll have enough money to pay for it all? And when you saw the total was too high and you blew your budget, did you shamefully pull some items back out while everyone standing behind in line was watching and waiting? How embarrassing! Or did you simply use a credit or debit card and privately admitted defeat with intent to do a better job at watching your spending next time.

What if you could see that checkout register display as you shopped? Could you better manage what you put in your cart, what you keep in it, and what you might have to put back on the shelves BEFORE going to the checkout register? That’s what this app is designed to do.

A better way to shop

Watch My Spending allows you to take the checkout register with you while you shop. It provides a simple and efficient way to use your phone to add up the cost of the items you intend to buy. The display shows how much you’re spending relative to your budget. And if you see that you’re going to blow your budget, you can remove some items BEFORE entering the checkout isle, avoiding that embarrassing situation of doing so in front of other shoppers anxious to make their own purchases.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can “watch” your spending even more conveniently! The iPhone app has an Apple Watch extension that provides the basic commands and displays needed for estimating the cost of your items from the flick of a wrist. Using the Apple Watch allows you to keep your iPhone tucked safely away in your purse or pocket, freeing your hands to do the shopping and avoid fears of dropping or losing your phone. And both apps can synchronize from the other, allowing you to easily switch between devices at will.

What makes this app different?

Unlike general-purpose calculators, Watch My Spending has a user interface designed specifically for quick entry of common item retail prices. The app uses implied addition when adding items, and implied subtraction when removing items, making price entries very efficient. The option to set a budget figure in the iPhone app helps you gauge your spending as you shop. And unlike more sophisticated apps that tie into your iPhone’s camera and require you to scan bar codes, Watch My Spending provides a much simpler way to process items into your cart that serves most shoppers' needs.

If you shop at grocery stores or other retail shops and need to stay on a budget, “Watch My Spending” is the app is for you!

Key features:

• Full-featured iPhone app provides convenient and efficient way to enter the exact or approximate cost of items you place in your shopping cart

• Optional budget entry visually shows how close you are to hitting your budget figure

• Companion app extension for Apple Watch provides a convenient way to estimate cost of items while keeping your iPhone device safely stored in your purse or pocket

• Key data stored across the two apps can be synchronized when switching between use of the two devices

For a complete user’s guide, tap on the Developer Website link below.
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Published 2015-07-25
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