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A financial ‘Appvisor’ at your fingertips. QL’s Receipts app will assist you with your money management and store your receipts so they are always at hand when you need them most.

Do you struggle to keep track of your budget for the month and constantly overspend, leaving you with a tenner the week before pay day? Struggle with keeping track of your work expenses or misplace those vital receipts when you have a 12 month warranty?

Eradicate your troubles with QL’s Receipts app. Quickly capture your receipt, add a few details and the app will record everything including the total amount. Simply scan your receipts into this app and it will automatically calculate your expenditure. So you can keep track of how much you have spent during the month versus how much you budgeted for!

Receipts is also the perfect solution for business users as you will never lose an expenses receipt again, nor do you have to worry about the hassle of calculating the total amount needed to be claimed back, this app will do this all for you.

All receipts are quickly captured and stored within this application and should you need to present a copy of this receipt to your accounts department or retailer, you can print out directly and this can be presented to the relevant retailer.


• Fast capturing of receipts – take a picture and input a few details while Receipts takes care of the rest for you

• Automatic receipt total recognition – no internet connection required

• Automatic date and location tagging – ability to set custom location/date too

• Currency awareness – store receipts in multiple currencies with the ability to switch between native currency and the original at the touch of a button

• Expenses tracking – quickly see the combined total of your receipts total for a given category

• View expenditure by location – view a map showing the location of spending

• Export/print – print or export copies of receipts using AirPrint and email

• Easily search and sort – organize your receipts any way you like

• Integrated currency converter

Lite version limited to 5 receipts and does not include iTunes export or multiple exports.
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Author panload
Published 2015-08-05
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