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RAKBANK Mobile Banking Application

It’s new, it makes banking easy and it’s free.

No time to go to your bank between meetings? Do you always get stuck in traffic on the way to your branch? Are you sometimes out of the country when you need to make an urgent transaction? Relax. With RAKBANK Mobile Banking, you can bank from anywhere, at any time.

Put your RAKBANK Branch on your iPhone with the new RAKBANK Mobile Banking Application. Now you can bank from anywhere, at any time with a host of services that take care of all your daily banking needs… without any need to go to the bank.

The wide range of banking services that will be available on your iPhone include Bill Payments (utility, phone and Credit Card), money transfers between your accounts or to other accounts both inside and outside the UAE. You can also make Account and Card related enquiries, open Accounts, contact RAKBANK, and enjoy a host of other features.

Getting set-up for RAKBANK Mobile Banking is easy and free. Simply register for the service through RAKBANK (either Online Banking or at any RAKBANK Branch). Then just download the Application free from the iPhone App Store. When you log-in for the first time via the Application, you will need to enter your activation code that will be sent to your registered mobile number, to set your User ID, login password and transaction password to ensure the service is safe. Then you’re all set to go and enjoy the convenience of banking on the go.

RAKBANK Mobile Banking Security

When you bank with RAKBANK Mobile Banking, you not only enjoy total convenience but complete peace-of-mind as well. A range of robust security features have been introduced providing you with the highest level of security. The application on your phone does not store any sensitive information or transaction logs and the application is signed by VeriSign. In addition, data exchange from this application is encrypted with AES and dual factor authentication based on a 128 bit SSL connection.

RAKBANK Mobile Banking is protected by all the following processes and security features:

•The registration process through RAKBANK Online Banking is secure

•You receive a personal one-time activation code to setup your Mobile Banking account

•Your sign on is secure with a login password and any financial transaction requires a transaction password.

RAKBANK will never ask its customers to disclose or update login credentials via SMS or Email, hence be alert and suspicious of such activities

RAKBANK Mobile Banking Terms and conditions apply.
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Published 2015-11-10
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