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Your Business on the Move!

Turn your mobile device into a portable cash register and make that sale on the go.

The Beanstream Mobile Advantage:

• Provides credit card, cash or cheque transactions anywhere you are.

• Offers fully encrypted card swipe technology with no card data stored on your mobile device.

• Works with all major merchant account acquirers or any of Beanstream’s turnkey solutions.

• Gives the option of calculating and applying two distinct tax rates.

• Seamlessly moves you between any one of up to 150 currencies even from within the transaction.

• Offers email, text message, or printed receipts directly from your iPhone.

• Supports multiple users so you can set unique permissions for different members of your team.

• Provides access to detailed transaction reports through your mobile app and the online member area.

Beanstream Advanced Security Features:

• The app is passcode protected, requiring users to know the three pieces of login information.

• When a card is swiped, data is immediately encrypted and rendered unreadable to anyone attempting to intercept card information in transit.

• As the merchant, you never see or access the actual card number once the transaction is processed. Card data is registered in the Beanstream Mobile app as a masked value and even partial card data is never stored on the phone.

• There is no need to worry about losing your phone. You can update your credentials anytime, anywhere through our secure online portal.

• To process the transaction, data is encrypted again and sent through Beanstream's PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateway. This is the same secure gateway technology used to safely process millions of transactions since we opened our doors in 2000.

• To complete the transaction process, the app can require the customer’s signature and then, just like in any standard retail scenario, you can check to confirm card ownership.

• We set per account velocity limits to protect your business and keep transaction volumes within your expected range. If your activity exceeds our expected threshold, we'll notify you.

About Beanstream:

Beanstream has been in the business of secure electronic processing for over a decade. We provide solutions to many leading North American enterprises and three Canadian banks. We've developed our mobile technology with security in mind at every step of the transaction process.
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Published 2015-06-03
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