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tapMortgage Australia - Mortgage, Loan & Stamp Duty Calculator | Panload

** Still the #1 Mortgage App for the iPhone **

Since it's release in 2010 tapMortgage has been the #1 Mortgage, Loan and Stamp Duty Calculator for iPhone in Australia

** Now Featured in the "Made in Australia" Section of the App Store!

Buying a property in Australia?

This free application is perfect for Property Buyers, Mortgage Brokers, Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Accountants and anyone else involved in the Australian Property Market.

Calculate the following government costs for all States and Territories:

* Stamp Duty

* Transfer Fees

* Registration of Mortgage

* Investment or Land

* First Home Concessions

Calculate Loan Repayments and more:

* Graphs show summary of Total Interest Paid for loan term

* Graphs show total savings for weekly or fortnightly payments vs. monthly payments

* Graphs show savings based on extra repayments of $50, $100 and $500 per month

* Graphs show rate comparison if variable rates rise

Set Defaults for all fields for faster calculations.

Email your Stamp Duty and Loan Repayments easily. Pressing the email button will populate your calculations and include other useful information like:

* Stamp Duty - Summary

* Stamp Duty - State Revenue Office Details

* Loan Repayments - Total Interest and Principal Paid

* Loan Repayments - "If Rates Rise" calculations

* Loan Repayments - Explanation of weekly and fortnightly repayment options
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Loans Calculator For Australia

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Published 2015-07-02
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