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Taxmapp Record Keeping | Panload

Never worry about losing a receipt again! A free record keeping app that allows you to instantly take a picture of all of your business receipts and store it on your phone. No prior accounting/bookkeeping knowledge required – now everyone can do their own accounts.

Developed in line with Simple Record Keeping requirements set out by HMRC.

Key features:

* Track your income and expenses on the move

* Take a photo of your invoice or receipt

* Store your documents electronically

* View summary information for your business or personal finance

* Compliance with HMRC new cash accounting and simplified expenses rules

* Keep track of business mileage and work from home hour for Universal Credit reporting.

***Future updates will contain a web interface to allow you to submit your tax return to HMRC directly. No need to enter data a 2nd time.
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Basetax Record Keeping

Author panload
Published 2015-04-13
Categories Personal, Time,
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