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Global Clock for iPad | Panload

Global Clock for iPad is a software by which you can check the time of different cities all over the world.

By Global Clock for iPad, you can check the exact time of all cities. This software defaults the time of the 6 of the largest cities while you can add more cities and check their time respectively. After adding a city, its location will be displayed on the world map and its time will be highlighted at the lower side of the screen, along with its representative architecture. It is impossible to list all cities for the number is gigantic so we select only one or a few outstanding cities for a specific time zone. By these efforts, you will be able to view your city and time more vividly and directly. To locate cities on the map requires WIFI or 3G network. Around 100 pictures are in-built and more will be added in the future versions of this app.


Support as many as 7 kinds of display effects;

Built-in are around 100 photos of representative buildings of the cities all around the world;

Locate cities automatically on the map by network.
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Global Clock for world clock, time zone, time lag

Author panload
Published 2015-11-14
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