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●StockA is a special APP that helps auctioneers, retailers, businessmen, and people who want to sale their things to deal with their inventory.

●StockA can list all your items in a systematically clear way.

●StockA is able to change, add or delete descriptions and quantities of the items whenever you want.

●Not only those expressionless words can show your goods, but also taking custom photos of them on StockA.

●StockA puts several option-buttons in New Item Page, such like sizes, colors and so on. They make the users more convenient to compile their items’ detail.

●StockA is capable of searching the item you want when there are too many to find out.

●StockA has a flexible appearance. Choose the colors and the label icons you prefer. New appearance style will come out with update soon.

●We did not forget your privacy, so StockA is able to be locked by your own password.

●You can set all your data on icloud. It makes the data 100% safe!

●We Support iPad iPhone iPod touch

Keep updating.....
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Author panload
Published 2015-04-29
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