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Mokafaa Time - وقت المكافأة | Panload

Mokafaa is a simple mobile application that tells our students aboard about when salary/Mokafaa is going to be paid. Due to the inconsistency of SACM pay date and its association with Hijri, Mokafaa date does change from month to month. Mokafaa App brings to your hands a simple tool to tell and remind you of the pay date. No more hustling with past due bills and rent… with this tools, you know exactly when your account is going positive :-)

How this app does works?

The number displayed on the main screen indicates how many days are remaining until the pay date. The accuracy of the date depends on the intelligence we receive. Once the date reaches zero, you will receive a push notification to tell you about the good news.
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Author panload
Published 2015-09-29
Categories Time, Simple,
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