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Canadian Sales Tax | Panload

Canadian Sales Tax Calculator supports GST, PST, QST and HST calculations for all provinces and territories of Canada including Quebec.

This is the only one calculator on Apple Store which allows users to easily compare the sales tax value between two different provinces.

Simply select your Province and enter either the amount of Tax Exclusive or the amount of Tax Inclusive and the calculator will show you the detailed results instantly.


* Support for all provinces and territories.

* Tax Exclusive or Tax Inclusive calculations.

* Ability to compare the sales tax values between two different provinces.

* Tap "Copy" button to copy the amount of Tax Exclusive from the left/right column to the right/left column and instantly show the results corresponding to the province you selected.

* Last selected province retained.
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CaTax - Sales Tax Calculator

Author panload
Published 2015-08-30
Categories Provinces, Taxes,
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