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***Now available at over 1,000 businesses including some Subway and Olive Garden restaurants***

Appay was built to redefine in-store ordering, but also make local delivery and takeout easy at any type of business. If you have your own store, you can begin accepting orders here using our other app "appay biz".


No other app on the app store:

-Allows you to send entire orders to friends for them to order

-Allows REFILLS!!!

-Allows you to view where the employees are such as the cart girl (if businesses allow it)

-Allows you to create a tab no matter what you are ordering

-Uses iBeacons to checkin at the cash register or pull up a menu for you to order from

-Allows you to pay by cash or credit card at the business as well as from within the app

-Allows you to find businesses, franchises, and individuals from one app

-Allows preorder, takeout, delivery, in-store ordering, and point of sale purchases from one app

-Offers discovery tools like QR codes, nearby photo and review browsing, memberships, and augmented reality

-Has coupons that automatically attach themselves that can be redeemed by scanning qr codes

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appay biz

Author panload
Published 2015-08-25
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