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Solomon Table – Decision Maker (Your Smart Decider) | Panload


How much are you willing to pay for a good advice?

Ten dollars, a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars? Forget mistaken advice or decisions based on random pick. Use your iPad to make the right choices.

SOLOMON TABLE is probably the best decision maker you can find in the App Store. It is sophisticated decision-making system based on the importance of parameters.

Extremely clear and easy use:

1) Set your options. You can set up to 5 options.

2) Choose parameters according to which options will be evaluated. Set their importance (less or more important). You can choose up to 8 parameters.

3) Set visibility (by clicking on blue eye icon) of each parameter and option (visibility influences the calculation).

4) Value of the visible option can be set from -10 (worst value) to +10 (best value).

5) You can see results immediately after any change you've made. The best and worst options will be marked with appropriate markers.
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Author panload
Published 2015-11-10
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