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Team Pot | Panload

Team-Pot for your iPhone

Manage the finances of your team on your iPhone.

In almost every team, regardless if football, tennis or volleyball, there is one person

that is responsible for the finances.

There are fines for "beeing late", for "missed penalty shots" or for "dirty boots".

Fees have to be defined and collected.

Even the cost for trips or BBQ have to be noted down.

With all that will help "Team Pot"!


Manage the list of members, catalog of penalties and templates for bookings.

Lay down the member fee. It will be booked automatically on an event (training, match, ...).

Punish multiple members simultaneously with just a few taps.

You can see your team bank credit and the balance of each member.

Book the depositions of the members and costs for jerseys or for weekend trips.

Look at the rankings for various penalties:

Either for a certain event night or for all events in total.

Have a look at the maual:


Available in English and German.

!!As upgrade available in the app store!!

- Statistics package:

In addition to the rankings you can view your statistics in pie- or flow charts.

Send evaluations to all members via email.

All members will have an overview of their achievements and their balance.

A member want‘s to know his balance? Just send a bank statement via email!

Need a cash report at the end of a year? Just send it via email - it will be ready in a few seconds!

- Backup `n share:

Save different versions of your data on your iPhone.

Send your data to your Mac or PC via email.

To restore your data, send them back to your iPhone.

Open the email an tap on the file.

Choose „open in Team Pot“.

Are you not present on an event?

Send your data to another member!

He can manage the event and

send the data back later.
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Author panload
Published 2015-12-20
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