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Record, compare, and monitor prices on everyday purchases with Shoppee. Make shopping lists and check off items as you shop. Save money by making informed purchase decisions.

Using Shoppee is easy. Start by adding stores that you visit. Then, add items to each store by recording a category, price, unit details, and even a photo. Use the shop tool to find the lowest price on the items that you need and add the items to a shopping list.

Use the list manager to create, manage, and view your shopping lists. You can even bring Shoppee with you when you shop and check the items off of your list as you add them to your cart.

Having unit price information at your fingertips empowers you to make informed decisions about sales and bulk purchases.

Shoppee was inspired by a concept that most cost-conscious shoppers are familiar with: the price book. Replacing a paper price book with Shoppee enables faster item lookup, automatic unit price calculation, item categorization, easy updating of item info, and integrated shopping list management.

Try Shoppee, you won’t regret it!
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Author panload
Published 2015-12-07
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