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If you own an iPhone and want to manage your prepaid card* on-the-go, try our Card Help Mobile application, specially designed to bring you maximum information and control over your finances with minimum fuss and uncompromised security.

Review balance and transaction history of your card account; perform active operations easier than ever or talk to us with a single-click – anytime and anywhere convenient for you, just on your iOS mobile device, right at your fingertips.

If you are already registered on our Card Help Online website**, download our Card Help Mobile application specially developed for your iOS device and enjoy the experience of having easy, user-friendly control and information on your card account – fast, secure and free***.

Download our free-of-charge application to receive the following features:

-View account balance: your up-to-date account balance will be shown on your mobile device screen throughout your work;

-Send money: a p2p active operation feature, allowing you to send money to your friends that have the same card as you;

-Request money: remind a peer to send you money and track the status of your request;

-Buddies: Search for friends and invite them to enable quick fund transfers and requests****;

-Transaction History: review last transactions on your card account with a single touch;

-My Profile: view your most important profile details such as Name, Card Number, Expiry Date, Address;

-Extras: Use our smart utilities “Split bill” or “Tip calculator” to quickly calculate tips or split bills, while in your favorite bar or restaurant.

* Only available if your card is processed through Wave Crest and is enabled for Mobile Banking;

**Being a registered user on Card Help Online website is a necessary prerequisite to use our Card Help Mobile;

***We provide the Card Help Mobile iOS application completely free-of-charge. However, data transfer fees from your mobile operator may apply;

**** Your friends must have the same card as you and must have it registered on
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Published 2015-04-18
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