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Use SESAMI Mobile One Time Password to access Web sites and networks or to digitally sign transactions in a highly secure and user-friendly way.

CIDWAY SESAMI Mobile One-Time-Password (OTP) mobile application provides a time based 2-factor authentication solution for any remote access, protecting from hacking and theft. The OTP is unique for each transaction and can’t be re-use.

After downloading and installing the SESAMI Mobile on your iPhone, you will need to register it in order to activate it and make it unique for you. Your service provider will provide you with appropriate registration instructions.


Two-factor strong authentication, time based

Time based Transaction Digital Signature (TDS)

CIDWAY’s PIN protection mechanism for mobile, preventing unauthorized usage in case of loss or theft

Secrets generated securely in the iPhone

Secure registration and activation

Time based one time password:

Automatic time synchronization between iPhone and server, even when travelling around the world

Protection against wide range of attacks including:


Man in the middle

Brute Force attack on PIN

PIN or secrets attack by application reverse engineering or memory analysis

PIN prediction by Differential Power Analysis

Memory cloning

One iPhone application for all authentication needs

Intuitive interface

Transparent to time zone and local time changes

Available in various languages

Note: CIDWAY SESAMI Mobile is available for almost all mobile devices.
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Published 2015-03-31
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