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ShoppingBooster is a lists manager that allows you to save many time and money.

It allows you not only to save shopping lists but have any kind of list you need at hand so when you're around, with a couple of clicks, you can remember all the things marked for a shop. Mark items to buy at the supermarket, the list of things to buy for your holiday or make a list of things to prepare for your party.

Report promotions using Twitter to your followers and help your community to save money and time.

These are some of the main features:

- Background colour customizable with 10 colours available in setting menu

- Customizable Categories. Add all the categories of items that you want ..

- Proximity Alarm to remember a list of things about a store ..

- More than 550 items already present in the category Supermaket to manage your spending.

- Attach photos or images to articles and then submit them to the community via Twitter

- Selection of items from existing, from scratch or from the list of favourites

- Many list elements order capabilities

- Automatic calculation of the total list amount

- You can then send the list by e-mail in text format to an address of your choice.

and much more ...

This app learns from your then click to enable you to use the items you have marked recently

The use of GPS can reduce battery duration
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Author panload
Published 2015-12-21
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