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Tip Check Free - Tip Calculator & Bill Splitter | Panload

Free full-featured tip calculator & bill splitting utility. Includes PRE-TAX AND POST-TAX calculations, and easy display for filling out credit card receipts with amount per person and tip per person (multiple bills). Easily split the bill and tip with REAL-TIME calculations, and a unique "slider" interface. Easily see how your changes affect the total due - as you modify them - no need to wait until you make the change to see how the tip is affected! All the data you need is on one screen, and easily modified with sliders and one hand.

Simply adjust the sliders for you bill sub-total, tax, tip percent & number of people. Click on "Sub-Total" or "Tax" button to adjust the corresponding value, or leave tax blank and enter the total bill as the "Sub-Total" to calculate post-tax tip. Click the"+" and "-" buttons to fine-tune as needed.

Adjust the tip/total due with the "Tip Tweaker" - in real time. Great when splitting a bill and each party is paying cash, adjust it manually to a nice even amount.

Designed with Credit Cards in mind, easily showing the breakdown of subtotal per-person AND Tip separately, so it's easy to fill out the individual checks without guessing how to tell the server to split the total up.

Alerts you when a bill cannot be split quite evenly; displays the additional amount in cents that needs to be added to compensate.

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Bill Splitter Calculator

Author panload
Published 2015-02-22
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